Student Input on TESC Education in Light of Financial Crisis: Seminar Friday (2/27) or Post on Website

The Academic Deans are asking programs to set aside seminar time to solicit student views about what's most vital to them about their academic experience. We will seminar with everyone who is available and interested in this question on Friday, from 11-noon in Lab2 3270 (the fishbowl). If you can't come, we encourage you to address the question in the General Discussion section, under the topic: "What's Most Important About Your Academic Experience?" Please submit what you have to say by Wed., March 4, and we will pass your responses on. Here is the prompt from the deans:

"What are five elements of the Evergreen
academic experience that must be preserved at all costs? Why?
Topics to consider might include
class size, modes of study (contracts, internships, full-time programs,
part-time programs, courses), curricular support areas (e.g. specific
facilities and staff support)."