Mid-Project Review

Please write a response to each of the four questions below. This statement will serve as your self-evaluation for winter quarter. It should be at least one page, single-spaced. Title it "Mid-Project Reflection" and post it online sometime during the week of March 9-15 (the 15th at the latest), in your research group folder for that week. Faculty will use it as the basis for your winter eval conference.

1. Findings so far: How have your questions developed and what have you figured out about them?

2. Work done so far: Describe the research you've undertaken to this point, with specific examples from your fieldwork and reading.

3. Research to be done: Describe what your plan is to complete the research. Include a schedule for fieldwork for the second half of the project.

4. Design of the paper: How are you thinking about structuring the paper at this point? Include a timetable for working on it.

If you are in the area we want to meet face-to-face for the conference. If not, we'll arrange a phone call. If you ar abroad and can't be reached by phone, we'll use e-mail. Faculty will contact their research groups soon with information about available days and times for the conference.