Spring Book List

We have ordered the following books for the last five weeks of spring quarter - we will read them in the order listed. Please note that the bookstore is relocating due to the CAB remodel and will therefore be returning books starting week 4 of spring quarter, which is two weeks before we return to large group classes.

You should make arrangements to buy your books before week 4 if you are buying at the bookstore, or order online or through other sources. The book that we are reading week 9, The Plague of Doves is coming out in paperback at the beginning of May, so the bookstore will NOT be ordering the hardcover edition, and doesn't think it can get the paperbacks in time before they move. So, students will have to buy The Plague of Doves online or at area bookstores (either hardcover or paperback). Please note that area bookstores like Orca Books will order books for you at no extra charge if you give them enough advance notice (a week or so).

You should read McPhee, Rising From the Plains prior to the first day of class on Tuesday, May 5. You should also get a head start on Brown, Mama Lola, as it is a rich and somewhat lengthy text.

Books (in order they will be read):

James McPhee, Rising From the Plains
Karen McCarthy Brown, Mama Lola: a Voodoo Priestess in Brooklyn
Hal K. Rothman, Devil's Bargains: Tourism in the Twentieth Century American West
Louise Erdrich, The Plague of Doves