Hello, Students!

It's taken longer to get this site going than we anticipated in our summer letter. Here it is at last.

Some new bits of information:

There will be a program preview meeting on Monday, Sept. 22, from 9-10:30, in Sem2 B2109. Come if you're interested in meeting with the faculty to chat about American Places in advance of the first class. We'll try to answer any and all questions that are on your minds. If that time doesn't work, you can also find us at the Academic Fair in the College Recreation Center later that day, between 4-6. 

Our first class meeting, on Tuesday, Sept. 30, starts at 9 in Sem2 D1105. (Most weeks we'll begin on Tuesdays at 9:30, but extra time is needed for this initial session.) Be sure to finish THE LONE RANGER AND TONTO FISTFIGHT IN HEAVEN prior to this class. Admitted students who don't appear for the first part of this meeting will be dropped (unless they've made prior arrangements with faculty), so we can open up spaces for those who have been waitlisted. We are crossing our fingers that everyone who wants to take the program will be able to, if they come to the first class, but we won't know for sure until sometime that first week.  

The college bookstore has shifted to purchasing a large number of used copies of assigned program books, when available. So if you haven't already bought the fall texts, you might want to check out what the bookstore has been able to find.  

In case you don't have the letter we sent out this summer, attached below is the version we sent to admitted students. (The letters for freshmen and waitlisted students had a bit more information.) 

Here is the class schedule with meeting rooms (again, expect occasional changes for special purposes):


9:30-11:00         Program meeting     SEM 2 D1105 

11:00-12:30       Pre-seminar (students discuss passages in small groups) 

1:00-3:00           First book seminar     Ackley SEM 2 B2109   Schrager SEM 2 B3107  Smith  SEM 2 B3109


9:30-12:30         Guided reading(s) or workshop       SEM 2 A1105 


9:30-11:30         Second book seminar     Ackley  SEM 2 B2109  Schrager  SEM 2 B3107  Smith SEM 2 B3109 

12:30-4:00         Research/writing workshop/film      SEM 2 D1107


We look forward to meeting you, and to the exciting work we'll be doing together.


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