American Places Ingathering

We come back together on Tuesday, May 5, at 9:30am in Sem2 A2105. Here are things to know: 

1/ Bring 5 copies of your best, fully drafted paper (25 pages or longer, double-spaced) to this first class meeting. One copy goes to your
seminar leader, the other 3 to members of your reading group, which we’ll set up at this time. Tuesday morning is a real deadline: you must have the paper ready for exchange in order to receive full credit.


2/ We will discuss John McPhee’s Rising from the Plains Friday, May 8, in both morning and afternoon sessions. Your reading from the book needs to be posted Thursday, May 7. Remember that if you don’t yet have McPhee (and the other books), you’ll need to purchase them off-campus. The bookstore has sent these texts back to the publishers in anticipation of its move from the CAB building.


3/ We expect everyone to post this week (April 20-26). As for next week (April 27-May 3), students who have been posting weekly do not need to post. If you have not posted weekly, then you should definitely post a journal entry or an excerpt from your paper. As the project expectations make clear, full credit is contingent on regular keeping and posting of the research journal. This is your last chance to share this ongoing work with peers and faculty.


4/  The syllabus for the last five weeks of class is available on the program main page, under Handouts and Assignments.


It will be great to see you all in two weeks! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures, to reading your papers, and to the learning that will culminate our inquiry.


--Sam, Kristina, and Matt