Instructor: Zenaida Vergara an Adjunct Member of the Faculty and Media Technician for Electronic Media 867-5277

Description: This is the first of a three-quarter sequence in which students are introduced to the subject of audio production and its relation to modern media. Fall quarter will focus on analog mixers and analog tape recording with some work in digital editing. The main topics will include field recording, digital audio editing, microphone design and application, analog multi-track recording and audio console signal flow. Students will have weekly reading assignments and weekly lab times. Students will gain proficiency in campus labs and there will be consulting times outside of class in lab use. Students will complete various exercises and a final project that will be a mix of a multi-track recording.
Credit: 4 credit hours; Required Textbook: Modern Recording Techniques sixth ed. Huber and Runstein
Hours: The Audio Recording course represents 4 hours of in class instruction per week. Students should plan on 6 - 8 hours outside class for reading, lab, exercises and completing audio related projects. Class will be held in Lib 1540 followed by labs in Com 110.


Supplies: DVD-R’s CD-R’s or portable hard drives, 1 reel of 1/2" RMG 911 audio tape.
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