The publisher of Crawley et al.'s Gendering Bodies reports that this text will be out of stock until the end of October.  TESC's bookstore recommends that you go to dealoz.com to order books.  We recommend that you borrow the book from a classmate for the short-term.  We will post the chapters on ares as soon as possible.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

READ before Monday seminar:

Lorber “Believing Is Seeing: Biology as Ideology” (pgs. 12-24 in Weitz)

Martin “Becoming a Gendered Body: Practices of Preschools”  (pgs. 217-239 in Weitz) 

READ before Thursday seminar:

Crawley Preface + Ch 1 (pgs. 1-35) “Creating a World Of Dichotomy: Categorizing Sex and Gendering Cultural Messages”

Crawley Ch 2 (pgs. 37-80) “Doing ‘Woman’/Doing ‘Man’: Gender Performances that Produce ‘Reality’    

Mon, Oct. 6 Weds, Oct. 8 Thurs, Oct. 9

 9:30: social constructionism: how do our bodies become gendered? 

Handout: fieldwork assignment 

11:45-1:15: peer learning group meetings 

1:30: seminar (Cynthia’s seminar students will be assigned to another faculty’s seminar group for the next two weeks.)

 9:30: brief faculty-student conferences -- meet your faculty in her/his office at your scheduled time   

 9:30: seminar 

DUE (9:30): seminar ticket  

DUE (9:30): general topic for research project (email to Cynthia if you’re in her seminar – from your Evergreen account or it may not make it through the firewall!) 

11:00: lecture

1:30: movement lab