Week 5 Schedule

What's up for week 5????


It's a week of checking in - so be ready to receive progress reports from the faculty and to give feedback to each member of your peer group about how that process is going.

We've been getting questions about what is due on Monday:

Your question and its significance to the program (this is described in the assignment)

You have to have FIVE annotated sources that will be part of your prospectus.  We am not evaluating what TYPE of sources they are, just that they are FIVE sources that can be used as a part of your prospectus. Since your final prospectus must have ten sources, three of which are peer-reviewed articles and three of which are scholarly books, it would be a GOOD idea (but not REQUIRED) that you include some of this in your bibliography for MONDAY.  Email us if you get stuck.

Seminar ticket for Thursday:  Please identify the thesis of the entire text, Tortured subject as well as proved a 2-3 sentence summary of the thesis of each chapter.  NB:  don't neglect reading the vocabulary discussed at the beginning of the text, or you will have a struggle!

Also - there are a couple of films coming to the Olympia Film Society which look right up our alley:

11/8 at 9 pm - You Have a Body

11/12 at 7:30 - XXY

Check out the film festival site for details:  



READ before Monday seminar:
Silverman’s Tortured Subjects introduction and chs. 1, 2, and 3

READ before Thursday seminar:
Silverman’s Tortured Subjects chs. 4, 5, and 6

Mon, Oct. 27   Weds, Oct. 29   Thurs, Oct. 30
 9:30: Medieval bodies and changing notions
of the body in early modern Europe

DUE (9:30): research question and
significance + 5 sources

9:30: What is the self/identity? 

9:30: seminar

DUE (9:30): seminar ticket
(see above for the assignment)

 11:45-1:15: learning summary group meetings  

11:00: writing workshop --
thesis recognition and development

 1:30: seminar  

1:30: movement lab