Week 8 Schedule

 The article "Face" has not yet been placed on Ares, so we won't be reading it for Thursday morning.


 ****Reminder - Class begins at 10:30 on Wednesday.*****

Ticket to seminar on Thursday - Bring one solid question (typed) which you feel is substantial enough that you can use it to lead a 5-minute discussion in seminar.  Make sure your question references a specific citation from the text and that it is typed.


READ before Monday seminar:
“Self-Mortification and the Stigma of Leprosy in Northern India” (required; available on Ares online.  Bring printed copy to class on Monday AND to seminar)
Grealy’s Autobiography of a Face prologue and chs. 1-6 (pgs. 1-117)

READ before Thursday seminar:
Grealy’s Autobiography of a Face chs. 7-12 (pgs. 118-223)
Munro, Alice.  “Face” (required; available on Ares.  Bring printed copy to seminar)

YOGA available all week:  Tuesday 1:30-3:00 in CRC 314 with Nicole, Thursday in class with Nathan, and Friday, 12-1 in COM 210 with Paul.


Mon, Nov. 17 Weds, Nov. 19 Thurs, Nov. 20
9:30: Stigma - Bring article
“Self-Mortification and the
Stigma of Leprosy in Northern India”

9:30: ambiguous bodies, deviance,
and stigma historically and in
contemporary society.

Guest: Diane Kurzyna


Handout: final synthesis assignment

9:30: seminar

DUE (9:30): seminar ticket

11:45-1:15: peer learning
group meetings
   11:00: peer review of completed
research proposal

DUE (11:00): 3 copies of completed
research proposal, including
annotated bibliography

1:30: seminar  

1:00: movement lab

Yoga homework assigned:  yamas and niyamas