"an ongoing practice concerned not with inserting a 'me' into language, but with creating an opening where the 'me' disappears while 'I' endlessly come and go"

Abigail Child videos


There are Abigail Child videos at ubu.com!


You can see Mayhem, Perils, and also Mercy (which we didn't see in class). 


End of week 1. Syllabus updated and more readings posted.


Syllabus with slight updates for end of Week 1 [added Alej and Cristal to teaching schedule].

Under WEEK 1 READINGS I've posted several things that came up in discussion Week 1, including more relevant keywords essays that will be useful to many of you, I imagine, Pee Wee Herman essays, and "flying doughnuts"-related material.

I've also posted all of the WEEK 2 READINGS.

There's a WEEK 3 READING up, too (the Minh-Ha piece).


Spring Evergreen Guest Artist Series • Week 2

[Highy recommended. Sarah Jane is an animator who makes smart, interesting work. We were in grad school together in Chicago in the late-1990s at the School of the Art Institute.]

Sarah Jane Lapp      Tuesday, April 7, 4:00, Lecture Hall I

Week 1 Inaugural

WEEK 1 Readings are up. Click on READINGS in Right Column

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