What a Quarter! Have a Great Break

If you need to contact Lori or Joe about evaluations or anything else, use the "contact facutly" link.

For students who are going to be in "Trees and Humans" during Winter, check out that website at 



The Forums

Click HERE to go to the Into the Woods Forum. This is where you post your writing on Tuesdays, and there's also a forum called "All Class Information Exchange" for you to use to share information about events or anything else you want.

When you go to this page for the first time you'll need an "enrollment key" to login. If you have any trouble with this, go ahead and email your report directly to your seminar leader, either Joe or Lori.

Lecture Material

Here is were you can find out more about web pages, PowerPoints, and other material used during class lectures:


Recommended Resources and Links

Here are some useful links and other resources.  We will update these as the quarter progesses.

How to Access Electronic Reserve

Be sure to read this whole item. Click on "read more" below. 

In order to download the electronic reserve readings for
this class, you'll need to logon to the ARES system. First go to the Ares logon page at:


On the right side you'll see a box called "New to Ares?".
Click on "Create Account"

How to contact faculty

Feel free to contact the program faculy, Lori Blewett and Joe Tougas, if you have any questions about the program.  You can use the "Contact Faculty" function on the Home page to send an emil, but if you have any trouble with that function, use the following information:

Lori Blewett

blewettl@evergreen.edu; 360-867-659;  Office Hours: Mon, 12:30-2:00; Mon. and Fri. afternoons by appointment

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