Marilyn's Evaluation Conferences

To all the students in my seminar - I have a family emergency and must postpone our individual evaluation conferences this week.  I'll reschedule as soon as possible. I appreciate your understanding. Marilyn Freeman    


Beatriz's Television workshop will meet in Com 308 at 2:00pm today.

Please bring a cued miniDV tape and your artist statement


Program Information

Mediaworks is the foundational program for moving image practices in the Expressive Arts at Evergreen. This program will continue to emphasize the study of media technology and hands-on production practices along with the study of film/video history and theory. This year we have decided to take Mediaworks in a new direction. Our work as filmmakers will be placed in the service of both sustainability and justice.




AUDIO ART ASSIGNMENTS/Beatriz' workshop weeks 6-10

The soundwalk and soundscape build into each other.  The sounds you capture during the soundwalk will help you understand capturing, saving, and cleaning up your sounds.  Please create a folder for our collective sound library in Nimrod (we only need one for the whole class).  Label your sounds clearly, i.e. "keys falling in wet concrete", or "light rain".   

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