Accessing "Orpheus the Shaman"

In order to get access to the chapter titled "Orpheus the Shaman," take the following steps:

1. Go to the College's Program Reserves page. Select "electronic reserves." You will be taken to a new page called "ARES."

2. Create a new ARES account for yourself by using your Evergreen e-mail and your normal password. Note: this is a one-time task.

3. Select "Performance Works," and then select the one reading for the program.

4. Select "View This Item." It should download automatically onto your desktop, or (depending on which computer you are using) open right up. If you are having trouble downloading or reading it, make sure you open the downloaded file with Adobe Reader!

5. Print out the chapter, read it, and bring it to seminar together with the Story of Orpheus on Tuesday the 18th.