What to Wear When Dancing

For all Week One Workshops and subsequent Dance break-out group:

In the first workshop lessons we will be working slowly and deeply on awareness and relaxation exercises. We won't be sweating. It is very important that you feel warm and comfortable.

What to wear:

Loose, comfortable, nonrestrictive clothing: sweatpants, sweatshirts are optimal.

We never wear shoes in the dance studio. Bare feet or socks are good.

Remove extraneous jewelry--some rings, bracelets, watches, etc, can be distracting, painful and even dangerous when working with a partner. Long hair should be secured--this is not a matter of decorum, but to avoid distractions.

Please secure any other distractions: no cell phones, gum, food, etc. We need to focus completely on our sensory-motor and somatic awareness. Exercises are progressive, building from one to the next, so developing a discipline of unbroken concentration is paramount.

No one will be admitted to the warm-up after ten minutes of class time has elapsed.