Welcome to Trees and Humans, Spring 2009

Week Ten Update

Great potluck at Nalini's House: The swing, the food, the trampoline, the TreeNotes, the pearls of wisdom, the food!

Friday: Portfolios due (with self-evaluation drafts)

11:00: required cleanup, evaluation review and tool inventory

Evaluation Week:

If you have any questions about when or where your evaluation conference is, contact your seminar faculty.

Bring a revised, proofread and polished version of your self-evaluation on the official form (from my.evergreen.edu); faculty evaluations of  both faculty, also on the official form, and an informal program evaluation (about one page) focusing on the things that worked well and the things that didn't work so well in the program, so that Nalini and Joe can improve these kinds of programs in the future.

Week Ten Group Presentations

Mon. afternoon

  •     1:30    Women's Calendar
  •     2:00    Emily and Erica
  •     2:30:    Tree Planting (A/V needed)

Tues. morning

  •     10:30    Tim, Adam, Orin, Harrison
  •     11:00    Ariana, Shaun, Brandon, Jeannette
  •     11:30    Alissa and Corey

Tues. afternoon

  •     1:00    Habitat: Michael, Carissa, Melanie
  •     1:30    Plant ID: Alex, Billie, Chris
  •     2:30    Zach, Mary, Ari
  •     3:00    Kyle, Dave, Ty, Eric, Rachel

How to Access Electronic Reserve

Be sure to read this whole item. Click on "read more" below. 

In order to download the electronic reserve readings for
this class, you'll need to logon to the ARES system. First go to the Ares logon page at:


On the right side you'll see a box called "New to Ares?".
Click on "Create Account"

Use the same username and password you use on
my.evergreen. For your "status", choose
"undergraduate", for your "department" select "other". For "default class email
subscription" select "manual". At the
bottom of the form, select "create account", and that should set up your
account and send you back to the logon page.

You'll be able to use this Ares account for as long as
you're at Evergreen.

Book List for Spring Quarter

Here are the books we'll be reading for Spring quarter. They are listed in the order we'll be reading them. The Living is fairly long, so if you want something to begin reading over spring break, that would be a good choice. We'll be reading Steps to an Ecology of Mind and Wendell Berry's poems in small chunks spread over the quarter.

  • The Forest for the Trees, by  Jeff Forester,  Minnesota Historical Society Press
  • The Living : A Novel,  by Annie Dillard, Harper Perennial 
  • Steps to an Ecology of Mind, by  Gregory Bateson, University of Chicago Press
  • Collected Poems, 1957-1982, by Wendell Berry,  North Point Press
  • A Reverence for Wood, by  Eric Sloane, Dover Publications
  • The World Without Us,  Alan Weisman,  Picador
  • Unbowed: My Autobiography, by  Wangari Maathai, Arrow Books Ltd
  • In the Blast Zone,  edited by Charles Goodrich, Kathleen Dean Moore, Frederick J. Swanson; Oregon State University Press
  • Gift from the Sea, by  ANNE MORROW LINDBERGH,  Pantheon

We will continue to refer to Hilary Stewart's Cedar: Tree of Life to the Northwest Coast Indians for hands-on workshop ideas.

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