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Projects in Visual Arts Professions is designed for students who are ready to work independently on art-related projects, including writing about art, the study of the history of art and art criticism, museum studies, exhibition design, grant-writing, and preparation for careers in art-related fields. Students coming into the program should have a research, writing, or art project that they plan to complete in Spring quarter. Each student will plan independent work for the quarter under faculty guidance. The program will also meet as a group each week to share our artistic and academic work, discuss a small number of readings that we will share in common, and have fieldtrips together. In addition, each student will research an arts organization that serves this region and present information about that organization to the class. The program will provide opportunities for independent work while also providing a social network of students with similar interests.

Update!!! Professor Erica Lord has joined the program! Check your campus e-mail address Saturday morning to see a message from your faculty about preparation for our program.
For more info on Erica Lord, see http://ericalord.com/home.html

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