Welcome to AMR I - Fall 2009!

It is wonderful that you have decided to study advanced chemistry this year with a group of students with similar interests. In the fall quarter we will study Quantum Mechanics and Advanced Inorganic Chemistry. In lectures we will explore the connections between the material we are learning in the classroom and their real world applications. This promises to be an exciting and challenging quarter as we work together to help you achieve your academic goals.

Please bring a scientific calculator to all class meetings.
On campus Emergency Preparedness information could be obtained from:

Make sure your calculus skills are up to date (if you are taking quantum mechanics) and you are familiar with general chemistry concepts. Keep your general chemistry textbook handy for quick reference. We will be very busy doing exciting things as soon as the fall quarter begins!

We have a Program Share (where you can save your academic work etc.) on Orca this year (this is in replacement of program shares that used to be on Masu). To find out how to link to Orca, please follow instructions on: The title of our folder is "amr"

Use the navigation bar to the left to find useful information such as the textbook list, schedule, etc.

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