Weds. March 10
Please empty your Art Annex lockers and return the padlocks to Michelle by the end of evaluation week — preferably sooner.  Thanks!

Check out the Photoland Blog for some nice shots of the Praxinoscope show:

Tues. March 2 (updated Friday, 3/3)

Week 10 Updates
Tues. 12 – 3 pm

  • Install praxinoscopes in Seminar II e4115: bring your praxinoscope, full moon and half moon prints, and any preliminary drawings you’d like to exhibit to the public.

3 – 6  pm   The Praxinoscope Project Exhibition: There’s a link under Program Materials at right for a poster to this that you can send to family and friends.

Weds. 9:00 – 12:00

  • Praxinoscope critiques (half-moons and full-moons) + breakfast potluck

3:00 – 5:00:  dismantle the praxinoscope exhibit

5 pm: All Portfolios due

Printmaking: submit to Lisa’s office- one proof of the half-moon plate, aquatint edition

Animation: submit to Ruth’s office- drawings for half moon and full moon praxinoscope disks, zoetrope strips, reflective writing on cut-out animation assignment.

Also, submit to your seminar faculty: Notes on all lectures, screenings, and other program activities, reflective writing on your Independent Drawing Portfolio, self-evaluation and self-evaluation worksheets. (Links for the worksheet and the program description are at right.)

Thurs. 9 – 11 am, Print Studio Clean Up (mandatory)

Tues. Feb. 23
Planning for Academic Fair and Spring quarter?  Students interested in developing a curricular plan for emphasizing the visual arts may be interested in the link in the blog roll (right) entitled Pathways.  It is a guide for selecting programs that emphasize the arts through theory, practice and studies of topics outside the arts (content-driven).

Mon. Feb. 22:  Week 8, 9, 10 syllabus updates:
(these were also e-mailed to your e-mail accounts)

Week 8
Tues. 9 – 12

  • Half-moon praxinoscope shuffle (bring 5 prints from PrintFest!)
  • Submit final essays (remember we do not accept late papers; contact your seminar leader if you will not be attending class)

Weds. 9:30 – 11:00 (note later start time!)

  • Cut-out animation critique (Multimedia Lab in the library)
  • 11:30 – 1 p.m. Namita Wiggers, Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland, OR

Thurs. 9 – 12 Seminar

  • Com 408 to screen excerpts of John Berger’s Ways of Seeing and Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will
  • Break into seminars to discuss Platzker and Walter Benjamin articles (available on Orca/handouts and the program blog, respectively)

Week 9
Tues. 9 – 12  Com 408

  • Half-moon praxinoscope shuffle (bring 3 prints).  Last printing must be dried FLAT in the editioning boards in the print studio, completely dry and cut out, with center hole punched.  Plan to let the prints dry at least 4 days.
  • Self evaluation writing workshop.  Bring laptops if you have them (otherwise pen and paper will also work), along with your fall quarter self evaluation.  There will be time to begin writing your evals.

Tues. 1-3: Location TBA. Praxinoscope making workshop for those of you without turntables. You’ll need to bring certain items to connect to the motors to complete the praxinoscope.

Weds. 11:30 – 1:00  Independent Work Day

Highly recommended:

  • 11:30 – 1 p.m. Catherine Person, TESC alum and director of Catherine Person Gallery, Seattle

Thurs. 9 – 12 Critique, COM 408

  • Present a selection of drawings from your independent drawing project/portfolio.
  • Submit your drawing project portfolio (in its entirety) immediately following class

Week 10
Tues. 12 p.m. until…..

  • Install praxinoscopes in Seminar II e4115

Weds. 9:00 – 12:00 and 4:00 – 5:00

  • Praxinoscope critiques (half-moons and full-moons) + breakfast potluck
  • 4 -5 p.m. dismantle the praxinoscope exhibit
  • Submit portfolio materials (time and list tba)

Thurs. 9 – 12 Critique, COM 408

  • 9 – 11 a.m. print studio clean up (mandatory)
  • Com 408 clean up (time tba)

Thurs., Feb. 18
Info and reminders for Week 8

Readings for this week’s seminar: Benjamin’s “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” is linked at right.  Platzker’s “Reconsidering the Fine Art Print in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” is in pdf form in the Handouts folder on Orca.

Also in the Handouts folder are a bunch of photos taken at our Print Fest.  Thanks to Cameron for the loan of his camera.

We’ll see you all next Tuesday morning at 9am in Com 408 for the Half-Moon Praxinoscope review and exchange and to collect your essays.

Thurs., Feb. 11
Week 7

Print Fest in the print studio on Tues. 9 a.m.  have 10 impressions of your half-moon and be prepared to spend the day printing on others’ prints.

Syllabus revision:  Weds. 9 – 11 a.m. in COM 408, we’ll review the drawings for the full-moon praxinoscopes.  We ran out of time to review them following Mr. Norstein’s Master Class the previous Thursday.  Consider using the additional time to refine and rework your drawings for Wednesday.

Thurs., Feb. 4 (updated Sun., Feb. 7)

Several things for next week (week 6):  Note when and where your independent drawing portfolio peer group is meeting (see below).

For Wednesday:  NO CLASS until the evening.  The Norstein event starts at 7:30.  Be sure to get to the Recital Hall by 7 pm to make sure you get in and get a seat.  This event is sold out, and you will lose your seat if you’re not there in time. To whet your appetite, check out the website of Norstein’s animation studio at right.

For Thursday:  Bring your praxinoscopes and preliminary drawings for the full moon disk to class between 8:30 and 8:45.  Carly and I will be coordinating the set up of the praxinoscopes.  The goal is to have them all set up before Norstein’s Master Class at 9 am.  The Master Class will go from 9-10.  We’ll start the praxinoscope drawing critique at about 10:30.

Finally, to make things even more exciting, this week and next we the college is interviewing three candidates for the Experimental Media Faculty position.  Students’ perceptions and opinions about prospective new faculty are an important part of our hiring processes and are taken very seriously in deliberations on who is ultimately hired.  If you’re interested in weighing in on this decision, come to the three presentations by the candidates and fill out the feedback form.  Your input will be given the most serious consideration if you attend and give feedback on all three candidates.  The presentations will be as follows:

Public Presentation: Tue Feb 9, 12-1, Com 308. “The Four Directions of Turtle Island’s Digital Underground”

Public Presentation: Thur Feb 11, 12-1, Com 308. Title TBA

Public Presentation: Thur Feb 18, 12-1, Com 308. Title TBA

Tues., Feb. 2
The Cut-out/Collage Animation Assignment is linked at right.

For some wonderful cycles, take a look at Lilli Carre’s “moving drawings” linked at right.

Mon., Feb. 1
Week 6 drawing portfolio small-group reviews:

Lisa’s Seminar Students bring your current drawing project work to the Printmaking Studio Lounge at the time/date listed below:

Mon. Feb. 8
10:00 – 11:30 a.m.:  Jory, Carly, Jack,
1 – 2:30 p.m.: Heather, Crawford, Melvin, Sherie

Tues., Feb. 9
1:30 – 3:00 p.m.:  Dana, Symonds, Corey
, Jamie
3:00 – 4:30 p.m.:  Amanda, Ethan, Nathan, Maria, Eli

Ruth’s Seminar Students bring your current drawing project work to these locations at the time/date listed below:

Mon. Feb. 8
10:00 – 11:30 a.m., Com 408:  Adrian, Brandon, Ross, Spencer

1 – 2:30 p.m., Com 308: Brynn, David, Kai, Elan

Tues., Feb. 9
1:30 – 3:00 p.m.,
Com 307 lounge:  Matt, Bryant, Cameron, Karlee
3:00 – 4:30 p.m., Com 307 lounge:  Mary, Robert, Rachel, Scott

Mon., Jan. 25

The link for Dr. Jim Phelps article on the effects of blue light on melatonin levels is in under Links in the blog roll at the right.

Expanded printmaking studio open hours:  The studio will be open on Sundays from 12 – 5 p.m.  More expanded hours coming later this week.  Check the schedule posted on the print studio doors for details.

Sun., Jan. 24

Regarding our discussions of mimesis and drawing, take a look at Scenes from a Catastrophe, link at right, images that  the New York Times commissioned from two artists in Haiti and two in NYC.  Which are most compelling to you?

Fri. Jan. 22

For those of you needing to build a praxinoscope from scratch, we’re still vetting different motors for this.  We have one identified, but want to test it before asking you to buy it.  It will also be cheaper per student if we put in a group order and pay for it with your student fees.  So hang on, and focus on the printmaking assignments in the meantime.

Thurs. Jan. 21
The aquatint assignments handout is available through the Program Materials link at the right.

Tues., Jan. 19
Life Drawing Portfolios have been reviewed and can be picked-up outside Lisa’s office door (Seminar II e 4106).  Please note they are in two piles:  Lisa’s seminar students and Ruth’s seminar students.  When taking your portfolio, please be careful to keep the stacks neat and avoid disheveling others’ portfolios.

Sunday, Jan. 17
Week 3’s Turntable Re-purposing workshops: Bring your turntables, exacto knife, ruler/straight edge, compass, and pencil. We will divide the workshops between repurposing and mirror making.

New web link of interest: Animator Nina Paley talks about her experience trying to secure rights to songs for her feature film “Sita Sings the Blues” and  her decision to embrace copyright free strategies to getting her work out.

Tues., Jan. 12
Updated seminar readings for Week 3: In addition to the reading listed in the syllabus, please also read chapter 10 “Drawing Like Bargue” from The Undressed Art. We’ll be discussing these two essays within the context of the TRACEY article assigned Week 1.  Be sure to review the TRACEY text and bring your notes to seminar.  Discussions will be grounded in examining the impulse and value of mimesis.

Sun. Jan. 10
In support of the “Drawing Blood”article by Art Spiegelman, reading for week 2, there are two links (New York Times [NYT] and National Public Radio [NPR]) addressing the Jan. 1, 2010 attack on Danish cartoonist, Kurt Westergaard.

Thurs., Jan. 7
Print Studio Use: At my request, Judy has replaced the old inky blankets on the etching presses to honor your work in printmaking this quarter. Our assumption is that you will honor the new blankets by keeping them clean.  We noticed that there are already inky marks on them, so I’d like to remind you that having a ‘clean hands’ person is nice.  However, most often it is not possible to work with ‘clean hands’ person, so you must plan to keep your hands clean when you transition from the inking phase to the printing phase.

Some things to try:

  • Use barrier cream to make it easier to wash the ink off your hands prior to removing paper from the soaking tub.
  • Wear latex gloves (30 cents a pair from the print studio kiosk) when inking, take them off to print, then shake a little baby powder in them to get the gloves back on to ink the plate.
  • Wear rubber gloves that are available in the drawer near the hot plate.  If you use these (and Judy will be getting a few new pair), when you are done using them for the day, keep the gloves on your hands, use vegetable oil and a rag to clean the gloves (like you are drying your hands – only with gloves on) then wash the gloves, still on your hands, a second time with bar soap and warm water VERY THOROUGHLY to get all the oil off the gloves. (oil will dissolve the gloves).

Do NOT under any circumstances get ink on the blotters or the blankets.

As of week 2 Monday lectures (10 – 12) will take place in Lecture Hall 3 (in the round building, central campus) NOT in B1107 as published in the syllabus.

Life drawing (lisa sessions) portfolios will be due at lisa’s office following your week 2 drawing session. Portfolio specifications:  Use a newsprint page as a cover sheet, write your name on the cover sheet, and clip cover sheet and the drawings together.

Weds. Jan. 6
Open figure drawing sessions begin Friday, week 2-8, 9a – noon in the annex drawing studio, room 2109.

There will be a faculty member present to help keep time for the models, but these are meant to be non-instructional classes for students wanting an opportunity to practice drawing the human form. The sessions will follow a standard format of progressively longer poses.

Students will be required to bring their own drawing materials.

Mon. Jan. 4
UPDATE:  the printmaking studio will be closed week 1 of winter quarter until 1 p.m. Weds., Jan. 6.  intaglio printing and etching assignments for those revisiting these skills will be due on Weds. week 2, by 5 p.m. at lisa’s office.

The most current syllabus (revised 12/29) is now available under Program Materials link.

Remember to update printmaking assignment due dates (week 5  in the syllabus:  aquatint sample and print due in Tues/Weds ‘lisa’ workshops.  Cootie catchers are due Thursday in seminar.

Look in the Handouts folder on Orca for pdfs of the readings.

Weds. Dec. 30
First class meeting:  Mon. Jan. 4, 10 a.m. in Seminar II B1107 (note the room change!)

A revised, detailed winter quarter syllabus has been sent to your Evergreen e-mail account, along with a PDF of the week 1 seminar reading.  Print out both, bring the syllabus to the first class meeting (there may be corrections).  Be sure to read the seminar article by TRACEY prior to Mondays’ lecture.

Thurs., Dec. 10th

Media Services End of the Quarter Important Information:

*Access and equipment checkout during Evaluation week is restricted for evaluation purposes only, or for approved extended loans.
*Files will be deleted from computer stations, Scratch on Nimrod, and portable hard drives. Please back up your files before closing on Wednesday.
*All equipment and keys are due back to Media Loan before closing (4pm) on Friday, 12/18, or by the agreed upon return time.  Equipment out on Extended Loan requests should be turned in by the approved return date.  Break time Extended Loan requests should be turned in by Wednesday, 12/16.  Late requests may not be processed.

Mon., Dec. 7th

The detailed winter quarter syllabus is available in the Program Materials links.  Print it out and bring it to the first class meeting.

Ruth and Lisa have completed reviewing all portfolios for their workshops.  Portfolios are outside their respective office doors waiting for you to come pick them up.  Please be considerate when looking for  yours and keep the rest in a tidy stack.

The etching assignment critique will take place in COM 408 on Tuesday, Dec. 8, at 9 a.m.  The print studio will be open between the hours of 8:30 and 9:15 a.m. on Tuesday morning so you can fetch your state prints and bring them to the COM building before the critique begins.  Even better, plan to fetch your prints on Monday before the studio closes, so you can sleep in a bit.

Etching Assignment Submission
The best way to submit this assignment is to make a single-fold folder out of newsprint, place your prints inside (no stapling, no taping, no rolling, please).  Put your name on the newsprint and submit the folder to my office (Seminar II e 4106).    If the ink is damp, place a sheet of newsprint between the prints.  Immediately following the critique, submit your assignment.

Etching assignments are due by 12:30 p.m., Tues. Dec. 8.  I have been generous about accepting some late assignments during the quarter, however in keeping with the terms of our covenant, I will not accept or evaluate late etching assignments.  “late” means 12:31 p.m. or later.

Thurs., Dec. 3rd

Self-Evaluation worksheet

You can access a self-evaluation worksheet to use to generate ideas for your self-evaluations in the Handouts folder on Orca. Self-evals are due with your seminar portfolios on December 9th.

Mon., Nov. 30

End of Quarter Portfolio Requirements:

Seminar Portfolio:  due Wed. Dec. 9th. 2 pm

Notes from lectures, seminar, screenings and artists’ talks.

Synthesis papers with faculty comments on them and the first draft from #1 and thesis statement and outline from Synthesis paper #2.

Self-evaluation (typed) and self-eval worksheet (these will be handed out on Thursday, week 9)

Portfolios for Ruth’s workshops:

Drawing:  Newsprint pad or paper portfolio with in-class drawings for each week (9/29 or 30, 10/12 or 13, 10/19 or 20, 10/26 or 27, 11/9 or 10).  If there are loose drawings in the pad then clip them together with a binder clip.  Put your name on the outside.

Animation:  reflective statements on Living Line and Paint on Glass assignments (see original handout for each assignment), Storyboard and other pre-production sketches done for Paint on glass assignment, Zoetrope strips

Lisa’s workshops:

If you did not submit your monotype assignment earlier in the quarter and you want to get credit, turn in a Monotype portfolio: all 20 of the monotypes made for this assignment.  Turn in at Lisa’s office door.  (Sem 2, E4106).

Drawing Portfolio:  Submit figure drawings that are 10 minutes in duration or longer (remove gesture drawings and separate ‘Ruth Drawing’ session work from ‘Lisa Drawing’ session work).  Submit the drawings in a neat stack, or better — in your tablet(s) outside Lisa’s office door (SEM II E 4106) on or before the deadline.  Be sure your name is on your portfolio/tablet.  Lisa will gladly take drawing portfolios as early as Tuesday and Wednesday of week 9, following your final drawing session.

Any work that you did not turn in by the due date but would like to have considered for credit must be turned into the appropriate faculty by Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2 pm.

Thurs., Nov. 19

Drawing Portfolios due date:  12:30 p.m. Thurs., Dec. 3!

Figure Drawing Portfolio:
In an effort to expedite the evaluation process, Lisa would like to review figure drawing portfolios at the end of week 9.  Submit figure drawings that are 10 minutes in duration or longer (remove gesture drawings and separate ‘Ruth Drawing’ session work from ‘Lisa Drawing’ session work).  Submit the drawings in a neat stack, or better — in your tablet(s) outside Lisa’s office door (SEM II E 4106) on or before the deadline.  Be sure your name is on your portfolio/tablet.  Lisa will gladly take drawing portfolios as early as Tuesday and Wednesday of week 9, following your final drawing session.

Drawing portfolios for Ruth’s workshops: Please include all zoetrope strips, preparatory sketches and reflective writing for animation assignments, as well as drawings done in class.  Submit these in your tablets or a portfolio/envelope and stack them outside Ruth’s office door (Com 358) by 12:30 pm Thursday, Week 9.

Mon. Nov. 16th

For Ruth’s drawing workshop this week, you’ll need your newsprint pads, charcoal, chamois, animation paper, pencil, sign pen, black paper strips/corners and the bamboo sticks for proportion work.

Remember that our paint-on-glass critique will be in the Multi-Media Lab on Thursday at 9 am.

Also, for your information, access to media labs over the Thanksgiving break is limited to the following:

Media Loan:
*The last chance to checkout equipment/keys, and reserve time in production facilities is on Saturday, 11/21, from 8:45am-1:15pm.

Library 24-Hour Suites, including the 2d Animation Lab:
Monday – Tuesday > 8:00am – 6:00pm
Wednesday > 8:00am – 5:00pm
Thursday – Sunday > CLOSED

Com Production Suites, including the 2d Animation Lab:
Monday – Tuesday  > 9:00am – 5:00pm
Late Night Access from 5:00pm – 9:00pm
Wednesday >  9:00am – 5:00pm
Thursday – Sunday > CLOSED

Note that after Thursday, the Paint on Glass DV LInear Suite will be dismantled.  After this point if students need to use charcoal, paint on glass, or anything else that makes a mess they will have to get their rebel proficiency from Media Loan and check with the lab aides, or Stephanie Zorn, to schedule the Com lab and use their own camera with the Sand Stand.  So that work will have to wait until after the Thanksgiving Break.

Mon. Oct. 26

Ruth’s drawing sessions this week will meet in Com 408, as usual. Please bring ALL drawings done in both drawing workshops as well as vine and compressed charcoal, sign pens and pencils.

Here is our animation from week 3, based on Muybridge’s motion study of a cat:

Mon. Oct. 19
Ruth’s drawing sessions will meet in the Art Annex Drawing studio this week, both Tues and Weds. morning
Lisa’s printmaking sessions will meet in the print studio in Lab II basement, #0233
see syllabus for details!

The Animation Workshop Handouts can now be found in the Handouts folder in the DOL folder on Orca.

Tues., Oct. 13th
Access to the readings for week 4 (excerpts from The Bride and the Bachelors and John Cage’s Silence) is through our program folder, DOL, on Orca. Readings are in the “Handouts” folder there. See the link at left for instructions on how to get to it.


Ruth Hayes, / 867-6890
Lisa Sweet, / 867-6763