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Killer whale
Two killer whales jump above the sea surface, showing their black, white and grey coloration. The closer whale is upright and viewed from the side, while the other whale is arching backwards to display its underside.
Transient killer whales near Unimak Island, eastern Aleutian Islands, Alaska
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordate
Class: Mammalia
Order: Cetacea
Suborder: Odontoceti
Family: Delphinidae
Genus: Orcinus
Species: O. orca
Binomial name
Orcinus orca
Linnaeus, 1758
A world map shows killer whales are found throughout every ocean, except parts of the Arctic. They are also absent from the Black and Baltic Seas.
Orcinus orca range (in blue)

Orca gladiator

| name = Killer whale
| image = Killerwhales jumping.jpg
| image_alt = Two killer whales jump above the sea surface...
| image_caption = Transient killer whales near [[Unimak Island]], eastern Aleutian Islands, Alaska
| regnum = [[Animal]]ia
| phylum = [[Chordate|Chordata]]
| classis = [[Mammal]]ia
| ordo = [[Cetacea]]
| subordo = [[Odontoceti]]
| familia = [[Delphinidae]]
| genus = '''''Orcinus'''''
| species = '''''O. orca'''''
| binomial = ''Orcinus orca''
| binomial_authority = [[Carolus Linnaeus|Linnaeus]], 1758
| synonyms = ''Orca gladiator''
| range_map = Killer Whale Range Map.svg
| range_map_alt = A world map shows killer whales are found throughout every ocean...
| range_map_caption = ''Orcinus orca'' range (in blue)}}