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Microscopy Projects for IZE 2010

Allison Borges & Lauren Hill: Examining/comparing the antennae of beetles in the family Scarabaeidae & Examinations of the anatomy of Pisaster ocharaceus.

andi kopit dillon reisman odonata eyes Crustacean eyes

Anne Schuster Rolley polies Oniscomorpha versus isopoda Nereis vexillosa head and gills

Benjamin N. Ryken Culicidae "mosquitoes" and other ecto-parasite blood suckers Cephalopod Suction Cups: Comparitive anatomy in Rossia pacifica and more derived cephalopods

Britt O'Leary Gnorimosphaeroma insularae- Marine pill bugs from the Bay of Shelton.
Brytni Lawrence Orconectes Virilis and other invasive crayfish anatomy differences among local Polyplacophora

Cheryl Braun and Michael Downs SEM- Coleoptera filliform and clubbed antenna Auto Montage- Madreporite of the class Asteroida

Cory Baker Lepidoptera Antennae: the diverse feelers of moths and butterlfies Cephalopod suckers: a comparison between Loligo opalescens (Teuthida) and Rossia pacifica (Octopoda)

David Baer Aaron Campbell Danaus plexippus Elassochirus gilli

David Huskey Land Snail shell comparisons Cone Snail shell comparisons

Elizabeth Nelson: Philaenus spumaris & Pleurobrachia bachei

Erin Kincaid Magicicada and other Diceroprocta (wing structure/ venation) Spicules: comparison of the structure of spicules in various Demospongia, Halichondria and Haliclona

Jacqui Smith Teresa Skiba Bombus occidentalis Echinarachnius parma (Sand Dollar)

Jen Stevens Diptera wings: Calliphoridae vs.Tipulidae Comparitive study of Nudibranch Rhinophores

Kathryn Brignac Megan Mill ground beetles, Carabus nemoralis and other carabids Comparison of Echinodermata, Pycnopodia helianthoides and Pisaster brevispinus with Dendraster excentricus

Matthew Joseph Eibhlinn Cowan-Kuist a comparison between Lithobius forficatus and Arenophilus bipuncticeps polychaete worms

Matthew Prebus Acarid parasites of Bombus spp. Tardigrades

Miranda Ciotti Bobylius Major and Pennisetia marginata Hydrozoa comparative anatomy: Obelia geniculata, Gonothyrea clarki, Sarsia tubulosa

Rachel Chai Ixodes scapularis and crab mouth structures.

Sara Roberts Hemiptera: Platypedia putnami and other cicada spp. in WA state A comparison between Pleurobrachia bachel (hydrozoa), Euplokamis dunlapae (hydrozoa), and Beroe gracilis (hydrozoa)

Carissa Miller and Sara Roberts eyes of arachinda and mandibles of crab

Sara Rosewall Maggie Freeman comparison of halteres in different diptera families podia on echinoderms

Serena Hubert Anax junius or other odonata comparing anatomy between Euphausiacea and Amphipoda

Shay Bensinger SEM: Comparing jaws of chilopods (e.g., Lithobius forficatus)to an arachnid. AUTOMONTAGE: Gnathopod comparison between Gammaridean & Caprellid amphipods

Susan West Comparison of Sesiidae to hymenoptera Dirona albolineata and Aeolidia papillosa: A comparison of caruncles