The Evergreen State College

Chinese, Beginning & Intermediate

Syllabus 介紹
SPRING, 2010
(Tuesday & Thursday 5:30-7:30, Lib. 1003 and 1005, & Computer Lab)

Faculty: Lin Crowley

TESC Library 2508, 867-6239

Course website at: <>

Course Description
This Chinese course will continue to emphasize the mastery of standard Chinese pronunciation and the building of useful vocabularies. Students will learn to build on their knowledge of modern Mandarin Chinese through vigorous interactive practice and small group activities. The class is fast-paced with use of internet and computerized software to accelerate the learning. Chinese history and culture will be included as it relates to each language lesson. Both traditional and simplified Chinese characters will be introduced and practiced throughout the course.

Text, Workbook and Online Materials
Integrated Chinese (IC), Tao-chung Yao, Yuehua Liu, Boston, Cheng & Tusi Company, 2009.

The Level 1 Part 1 and Level 1 Part 2 IC are comprised of three volumes: (available at the Bookstore)

Online supplementary materials:

Online supplementary materials:


The goal of this program is to help students acquire Chinese communicative skills and to introduce students to Chinese Culture. In addition to cover the lessons in Integrated Chinese, a broad spectrum of life in Chinese societies will be introduced as we proceed with each lesson. Cultural notes and media programs regarding Chinese traditions and customs will also be incorporated. Please check out
course website for links to various web resources. Web site at: <>.


Attendance Policies and Credits

Tapes & Assignments


The course schedule will be updated regularly. Please check back.  (Last updated on 4/5/10)


Integrated Chinese (IC)


Week 1
(3/30/10, 4/1/10 )

Review IC lesson #1-5 & the use of Chinese softwares

IC #5 Workbook (pp. 75-81) & Review and complete previous chapt. workbook

Week 2
(4/6/10- 4/8/10 )

Review IC lesson #5
& lesson #13

IC #5 Workbook(pp. 83-88) UC Berkeley #5A

lesson #13 workbook

Week 3

IC lesson #5 & lesson #14

IC #5 Workbook ( (pp. 89-91) UC Berkeley #5B

lesson #14 workbook

Week 4

IC Lesson #6 & lesson #14 (4/20 meet in reg classroom, 4/22 computer lab)

IC #6 Workbook(pp. 93-101)

lesson #14 workbook

Week 5

IC Lesson #6 & lesson #14

4/29 Chinese culture and language special guest presentation

IC #6 Workbook(pp. 103-107) incl.
UC Berkeley #6A &

lesson #14 workbook

Week 6

IC lesson #6
lesson #15

IC #6 Workbook(pp. 107-110) incl.
UC Berkeley #6B &
lesson #15 workbook

Week 7

IC #7 & lesson #15 (5/11 meet in reg classroom)

IC #7 Workbook(pp. 111-118)
UC Berkeley #7A &
lesson #15 workbook

Week 8

Review IC #7 & lesson #15

IC #7 Workbook(pp. 119-123)
UC Berkeley #7B
& lesson #11-15 workbook

Week 9

Week 10

Lesson # 7 & lesson #16

Final class report &presentation

fied trip

IC #7 Workbook (pp. 123-125)
UC Berkeley #7
& lesson #16 workbook

Group Presentation















助教材 Resources for Supplementary Materials

In addition to the textbook, other materials (stories, poems, articles, news broadcasts, films and songs, etc.) will also be used. Some are selected from other textbooks; some can be found from the following Internet sources:


1.      银视WECTV: This site includes many Chinese Internet broadcast channels providing on-line access to live and pre-recorded programs produced by major TV and radio stations from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and U.S. Web site at <>.


2.      Univ. of Virginia Chinese Language and Literature: This site includes a variety of reading materials, from student compositions, magazine articles to classical poems and stories, developed by Anne Behnke-Kinney and Helen Shen at Univ. of Virginia. Web site at <>.


3.      Learn Chinese Fables: Listen to Chinese fables and learn the idioms online, developed by Marlowe Shaeffer and Annie Yang, Jing-Heng Ma, Chinese Department, Wellesley College. Web site at <>.


4.      时电ChinaTimes Interactive: A daily news magazine, this site provides current news from all sectors of Taiwan. Web site at http: <//>.


5.      华杂Sinorama Magazine: A monthly magazine from Taiwan, with in-depth articles on topics of all interests. Web site in Chinese at: <>. Web site in English at <>.


6.      CHINA.COM: A weekly news magazine, this site provides current news from all sectors of China. Web site at <>.


7.      人民网People’s Daily Online: The nation-wide newspaper from PRC. Web site at <>.


8.      中国大全迷津指点ChinaSite.Com A complete reference to China/China-related web sites with links, descriptions and ratings. A good starting point for web research. Web site at <>.


 9.      Sending and receiving email in Chinese:

10.    Chinese news media and more:

11.    The TESC library has the following resources:

Chinese  Encyclopedia Collection of more than  12,000 books  <>  

    & Chinese Poetry Collection of more than  50,000  poems  <>

12.   Some easy download Pinyin input:, &

字典 Dictionary


1.      Concise English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary, Revised, Oxford University Press.

2.      Online Chinese Dictionaries: Four reliable online dictionaries are listed on our web site. Try: or

For a complete list of online dictionaries visit Prof. Tianwei Xie’s link at <>.