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The Arc of Grays Habor

Advocates for the Rights of Citizens with Developmental Disabilities

Mission Statement The Arc of Grays Harbor is a non-profit organization which advocates and supports a better quality of life for people with developmental disabilities and their families.

The Arc Accomplishments Since the 1930's local parents, caring citizens and professional people have banded together to provide a more meanigful life for people with developmental disabilities in their own communities.

These efforts have accomplished:

  • Free and appropriate public education for all children
  • Timberland Opportunities Employment Program
  • Twin Harbor Group Home Association
  • Kimberly Home Independent Living Program
  • Harbor Alternate Living Association Independent Living Programs
  • Increased community awareness

What is a Developmental Disability? It is a lifelong functional disability that originates before the age of eighteen.

The Arc Information and Services In 1999 the Arc of Grays Harbor organized and now offers the following services for adults with developmental disabilities, familes of children with special needs, care providers, service agencies and the community.

  • Information and resource center
  • Education workshops
  • Parent to Parent Program
  • Arc'n Round the Community
  • Fathers Network
  • Leadership Program
  • Social and recreation events
  • Community awareness

The Arc's Future

Through awareness and education, the Arc strives to obtain the following:

  • Family centered support options
  • Students and family centered education
  • Healthy relationships
  • Safety from abuse and neglect
  • Self-determination to choose how services are provided
  • Human and civil rights being honored, protected and enforced
  • Inclusion in communtiy activities, events, work places and housing

Funding Sources

  • Individual Partnership/Member
  • Grays Harbor COunty Public Health and Social Services
  • Washington State Division Developmental Disabilities
  • Community Donations and bequests

A Strong Partnership Equals a Strong Voice

The Arc has a strong legislative voice and can only remain strong with your supports. As an Arc partner, you enable us to continue as a powerful advocate for the rights of people with disabilities and their families. Please strengthen our voice by joining with us! Become an Arc of Grays Harbor partner or volunteer for special events. You can also contribute by placing clothing in our donation bins located throughout the community or by calling for FREE PICKUP 1-800-826-4310. We could us any usable clothing and small household items. We also accept vehichles, boats and R.V.'s. Proceeds benefit the people of Grays Harbor.

Mailing Address

The ArcGH P.O. Box 1794 Aberdeen, WA 98520