1. Welcome to the DandI Home Page from your faculty:
    Judy Cushing                                           Richard Weiss
    judyc@evergreen.edu                         weissr@evergreen.edu
    Lab I 1003 867-6652                          Lab II 3260 867-6871

    Nikolas Stevenson-Molnar
    Lab 1 2065E 867-5489

Please take time to help us improve this program by completing the Program Evaluation Form.  You can do this by downloading the document and emailing it to judyc@evergreen.edu or by getting a hard copy at your evaluation conference and returning it to program faculty or program secretaries.

The Project Report Template, Individual Project Report Template, and Presentation Information have been posted to Project Page.

Python Final Exam Review: Monday, December 7 @ 1-2PM in Sem II E2105
Stats Final Exam Review: Tuesday, December 8 @ 1-2PM in the Solarium computer lab


Richard’s eval conference schedule
Nik’s eval conference schedule

*Eval conferences with Nik are in Judy’s office, Lab I 1006.

Notice About Python Homework: BY DECEMBER 1: Please turn in all your revised and/or late submissions in a folder named “REVISED,” within your usual Python Work, Cubbies location. This includes programs submitted after the usual deadline for each week, UNLESS you only submitted them a little late and already recieved input (Karen usually finishes grading on the Saturday or Monday before each week’s lab). For example: if you submitted two files for week 4’s homework on the Wednesday of week 5, resubmit them in your new “REVISED” folder by December 1. Failure to do this = no final grade for these programs!


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To find out how to access the program file share (on campus, \\orca\programs\DandI) from off campus: go to http://scicomp.evergreen.edu/ (the CAL home page), and navigate (on left nav bar) to FOR STUDENTS > Remote File Access. File Space Overview: http://wikis.evergreen.edu/computing/index.php/File_Space_Overview . See

Instructions on How to Connect, Academic Programs (orca).

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