Student Originated Software
Winter Quarter, 2009-2010
Thu 1:00 pm?
Web site: Academic Program Page
Professor: Richard Weiss
Office: Lab II 3260
Phone: 867-6871
Office Hours: Mondays 3:30 - 4:30
This component of the program covers the issues in designing, implementing and using networks.

Learning objectives: Understand basic protocols used for the Internet and OS support for networking


  • Evaluations are based on weekly papers, homework exercises, and class participation.
Calendar and Readings The reading questions are posted on the Moodle
week 1  
Ch1 of Peterson and Davie. David Clark paper on design philosophy of the Internet
week 2   Metcalf and Boggs, Ethernet: Distributed Packet Switching (posted on Moodle)
week 3   Druschel et al., Network Subsystem Design: A Case for an Integrated Datapath (posted on Moodle)
week 4  
week 5  
week 6  
week 7  
week 8  
week 9  
week 10