Intro to C and OS Lab Design
Student Originated Software
Fall Quarter, 2009-2010
Mon: 1:00 pm -2:15 pm, ACC
Tues:1:00 pm-2:15 pm, Lib 2708
Web site: Academic Program Page
Professor: Sherri Shulman
Office: Lab 1 1009
Phone: 867-6721
Office Hours: By arrangement
Teaching Assistants:                  
Jane Doe:; 123 Abc Hall; Office Hours: Day #-#pm  
Course Description
There is no explicit syllabus for this thread. Because the OS projects are in C and because they involve significant design and code reading, we will use Tuesday afternoons to learn C and to work on design of your OS project solutions.

The first 3 weeks we will be working on the C language. Then we will follow the OS syllabus in designing and coding the assigned OS projects.

Readings and Resources
We will be using the material from the following course:

I will post other resources as the quarter goes on.

Lab Support

Monday afternoon in the ACC will be devoted to programming support: either OS assignments or DS assignments, as needed. Tuesday afternoon will generally be lecture support of OS project design so the topics will be dictated by the OS labs. We will also use Tuesday afternoon to give status reports on projects at identified intervals.

Lab and Lecture topics Mon and Tuesday afternoons
Week Monday afternoon Tuesday afternoon
1   Intro to C
2 OS Lab 1 walkthrough
sample solutions
solutions to all parts of Lab 1 (SJS)
Intro to C (cont)
3 OS Lab 2 walkthrough
a solution to the simple shell
a solution to the c linked list
a second solution to the c linked list with function pointers and partial types
Intro to C (cont)
4 DS walkthrough Topic TBD
5 OS Lab 3 walkthrough Project status reports
6 DS walkthrough
7 OS Lab 4 walkthrough Topic TBD
8 DS walkthrough
9 OS Lab 5 walkthrough Topic TBD
10 Project Proposal Presentations Project Proposal Presentations