The Program


What defines “sustainable building?”

How are buildings shaped by environmental concerns, materials and systems choices, communities of users and builders, and time/budget constraints?

What building systems and construction techniques are currently used to build environmentally friendly buildings?

How are these alternatives, green or sustainable, incorporated during the design process?

Twenty students will be challenged to answer these questions by designing a multiple use structure applying state of the art energy efficient building systems.

Food and soils lab

lecture room

and an office are the main components.

Students will decide upon the selection or location of the proposed foot print and will complete the ’schematic design’ stage including segments of the ‘design development’ stage.

In addition, these students will meet and engage with the “green” community from builders, suppliers, professionals, educators and associated businesses/entities.

The students will also participate in the first NW Green Expo and other workshops such as ICF and SIP training & certification, showcasing the progress they have made as Sustainable designers.

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