Tropical Rainforests Application Form, 2010

This is not a form that can be filled out on-line. It is just an html version of the downloadable rtf form.

Please submit completed application (doc, rtf, pdf, txt formats) to John Longino,


Email: ___________________________________________________________________


Class standing (Junior or Senior): _______________________________________

1. A prerequisite for the program is at least one year of college-level science. Describe your college-level educational experience in science. For Evergreen experience, list programs, years, and faculty.

2. Spanish language is not a prerequisite, but it helps. Describe your knowledge of Spanish language.

3. The program requires hiking and backpacking in remote areas. Describe your experience in outdoor activities. If you have had Wilderness First Responder or similar training, please indicate.

4. List two faculty members, with contact information, who are willing to be contacted for a recommendation. They should be faculty who have worked with you in programs or in supervisory roles.

5. Write an essay that explains why you are interested in the program. What are your expectations for the program and how will the program benefit your career plans? This essay should be a carefully crafted document of not more than two pages. Admission will be based partly on writing skills, which will be judged mainly by this essay.

John T. Longino, The Evergreen State College, Olympia WA 98505 USA.

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Last modified: 20 September 2009.