Come join us in our great discovery of the arts!

WELCOME! This is the website for the academic program ARTS in NY at the Evergreen State College. The program was created by artist and Evergreen faculty Ariel Goldberger for people interested in the cuurent state of the arts in New York.

Ariel Goldberger, Program leader

The program will travel to New york city in the spring quarter to enjoy the arts of “The City” and feast on as many art events as possible. Our goal is to discover and take part of what is new and “happening” now. Students will also have a chance to work on an independent individual project based on their interests.

In these posts you will find information that can be handy for lodging, and other needs you may have. The blog is in its beginning stages, and will grow to answer to student needs and to be a center for information.

Check out the next informational meeting in the upper right hand side of the blog!

Please join the class if you share our interests in the arts!


    Please use this information your own risk. No part of this information is meant as a recommendation or a suggestion of where to stay. Pease do your own research. The faculty is providing all enclosed information for the sole convenience of students in the class. Neither the faculty nor the college assume any responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained therein. Please note that any prices quoted change without notice.
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