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with Faculty Brian Walter & Steven Hendricks

Calculated Fiction CF3 Application Form for Spring 2011.

All non-First-Year students (sophomore and above) interested in registering forCalculated Fiction for the Spring quarter of 2011 MUST submit a complete application.

Applications are still being accepted as registration continues.

If your application is accepted, you will still have to register for the program.

Applicants will be notified as soon as possible after the Academic Fair if they have been accepted for registration in the program. Not all qualified applicants will be accepted as there will be limited seats.


Answer all questions in the application.
Be sure to include your name and your Evergreen student A# and your evergreen email address.
In order to receive an acceptance note, your Evergreen email must be active and your inbox must not be full.
Acceptance notices will only be sent to Evergreen email addresses.

Do not delete any part of the application form.

All applications must be received electronically as “.doc” Microsoft Word documents— “.docx” documents will NOT be opened. If you are not sure how to convert from a “docx” to a plain “doc,” ask for assistance in the Academic Computing Center.

Email your application to hendrics[at]evergreen.edu     ([at] = @)
Applications will NOT be accepted by paper mail or in faculty mailboxes.

The subject line of your email should read: CF3 App-[your last name]

Title the completed document: [first-last name]-CF3.doc

Example: Steven Hendricks’s application would be titled:

and the subject line of my email would be:
CF3 App-hendricks

All prospective students may be interested in reviewing materials from past incarnations of the program, available at these URLs:

Calculated Fiction, 2007
Calculated Fiction, 2004
The Spring 2011 program will differ from both of these previous incarnations.


While First-Year students do not need to apply, only 25% of program seats are reserved for first year students and registration is first-come first-served. If you are a First-Year student interested in the program, please consider carefully whether this is the right program for you. While we don’t consider the work of the program “Advanced” in any official sense, we do expect students to come with strong reading, writing, and mathematics skills and with a strong interest in exploring difficult material in a rigorous and demanding program.

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