End of quarter (end of year) activities

The last 2 weeks in fall and winter are completely dedicated to voluntarily present reports (for students who plan to leave the program in fall or winter, or students who are staying in the program but just would like to report their learning) or make final presentations . If you are not leaving the program in fall or winter, it has been helpful to voluntarily present a report on your project, as it is, as a work in progress. In spring, final learning summary seminars for everyone start in week five.

Spring quarter:
- Week 5 to week 8: from 1 pm to 2 pm every tuesday and thursday presentations (for learners who choose to make a presentation even if your project is to be finished at the end of the year) and learning summary seminars (required for everyone).
- Weeks 9 and 10: from 1 pm to 2 pm every tuesday and thursday learning summary seminars only. From 2 pm presentations organized by learners.
Ending your participation in the  program:

If you choose to make a presentation, set up a presentation date (check the link syllabus in our program site, decide on a date and email to ceremony@lists.evergreen.edu) and to Raul. You can invite your co-learners, family and friends to your project presentation.

Your participation in a learning summary seminar is required at the end of the year (or at the end of the quarter you are leaving the program.) Participants in the Saturday Theory to praxis workshops will have the last saturday workshop in the spring available for learning summary seminar/presentation.
Before participating in a learning summary seminar, email your faculty team (each one of us):
- your academic essay in the 3rd. person (one page per quarter max.) about your own work addressing the credits you have worked for, this is your masterpiece in writing.

- If you choose to write a self evaluation (which is NOT your academic essay) please set up a conference with one of us and only after this final conference, hand in a hard copy of your formal self evaluation to Registration

Conferences and group conferences continue through out the academic year until evaluation week in spring. You either make an appointment or come to class and talk with one of us or with all of us, please bring with you the work you want to share with us.

Your Team