Ceremony – Theory to Praxis

Spring 2011
The saturday theory to praxis schedule is:
April 9th, 23rd, May 7th, 21st, and June 4th.  

We meet on tue/thur at 1:00 in the cedar room.  Student presentations begin week 8 and most present week 10 and evaluation week.  

Gary Peterson joined us and brings most of his 25 students from an SOS Healthy Work Environments program.

Have a restful break.

Winter 2011

Fall 2010
Saturday Workshops are scheduled for Sept 25th (Seattle area participants interested in NAS and early childhood education), October 9th, October 23rd, November 6th, November 20th, and December 4th.

Student Originated Studies – “Early Childhood Education”
TESC Fall Quarter 2010    16 credits
Faculty: Gary Peterson; Yvonne Peterson

Saturday Theory to Praxis Workshops is scheduled from 8-5 and will be held on the main campus.  Faculty are available from 8-10 as we prepare the room and get the continental breakfast ready.  Our work begins at 10 and we have a working lunch and break around 2:30.  Faculty are available in the afternoon until around 5:00.

Fall quarter will include an introduction to SOS studies at TESC, an analysis of the evaluation process for generating credit, and how to individualize academic plans.  SOS students met in August to build the fall syllabus and will give input to develop the winter and spring syllabus during the October 23rd workshop.  We will also project what year 2 will include.  Students will maintain an academic portfolio to include written work, assignments, projects, journal entries, reflective essays, photos, books/ articles reviewed and/or read, related outside workshop and conferences attended, a list of print/non-print related material reviewed for this workshop.

Answer the following questions:

What am I going to do?
How am I going to do it?
How will I know I did it?
What difference will it make?

September 25th

Traditions for Life Workshop
Duwamish Longhouse and Cultural Center
9-2 (must pre-register) see attachment

Students who are not connected to the ECE SOS academic plan will meet for the first time on October 9th at the main campus.  Our room will be announced.  If, you pre-register for the Traditions for Life Workshop – it would apply to your general Native American Studies information.

-Introduction to SOS
-Weaving early childhood education expectations/requirements, a liberal arts education, and breath and depth into individualized academic plans.
-Developing an ECE philosophy statement
-How to move theory to practice (ECE) based on Richard Paul’s Critical Thinking model

October 9th

SEM II C 2105 AND C 2107

-Blooms’ Taxonomy and ECE
-ECE methods (science, environmental education, sustainable agriculture)
-Essential Academic Learning Requirements and ECE
-ECE and multicultural issues

October 23rd
SEM II C 2105 AND C 2107

-Curriculum Development and ECE (portfolios, thematic units)
-Child-directed Curriculum Models
-Child Development models (Dewey, Hart)
-Lessons from Turtle Island model

November 6th
SEM II C 2105 AND C 2107 

-Childhood Education Best Practices
-Reggio Emilia Approach/FAME
-Building partnerships with parents and communities
-ECE and reform at local, regional, and national levels

November 20th
SEM II C 2105 AND C 2107

-Students report out research findings, share philosophy statements, display curriculum portfolios
-Evaluation conferences

December 4th
SEM II C 2105 AND C 2107

-Evaluation conferences (if additional time is needed)