About the Program

This unique study-abroad program will be offered in the summer of 2011. It allows students to experience China, the second largest economy in the world. Through a short term study in Shanghai, a renowned international metropolis, students will participate in a summer program at the International School of Tongji University. The university experience will offer Chinese language classes, insight into Chinese culture; modern, traditional, urban, suburbs and rural life. Students will explore the blossoming artistic and cultural scenes in Shanghai and many other Chinese cities.

China is one of the world’s oldest and richest continuous cultures. Not only is China the second largest economy in the world, it is one of largest trading partners of the United States. Chinese society is constantly reinventing itself even while struggling to maintain a balance of cultural and social continuity from its long past.

This program will be devoted to understanding the contemporary China and its relation to the Western world, its culture and its people, from a balanced point of view. We will explore the different aspects of culture with an aim to highlight Chinese culture and its emphasis of group dynamics and harmony.

Language learning, which is embedded in the program, will be emphasized throughout the entire summer. Students will use on-line resources for accelerated learning of the Chinese writing system and conversational Mandarin Chinese. Students will also be introduced to film literacy and analysis in order to develop a more critical attitude toward the film-viewing experience. Students will examine representations in Chinese films through seminars and critical writings, with weekly film viewing and discussion to facilitate a deeper exploration of the topics and issues presented in today’s China.

During the first session of the summer, all students will travel to Beijing, China, for the Great Wall, National Palace Museum, and the Summer Palace, and  the city of Xian, a treasure house of cultural relics where Qin Shi Huang’s tomb resides, guarded by terra cotta warriors. The tour also includes the city of Luo Yang, the Cradle of Buddhism and the location of the Shaolin Temple, which is renowned for its Shaolin martial arts that are so popular in China and the rest of the world. We will arrive to Shanghai, China, China’s financial center and most progressive city, to study Chinese language and culture. Shanghai is a modern marvel of architecture, convenient public transportation and kinetic urban energy and the city that hosted the recent world expo. During the short term study in Shanghai’s Tongji University, we will also travel to other Chinese cities such as Nanjing, known as the Capital City of Ten Dynasties in China’s history,  and the beautiful SuZhou and HangZhou, the Venice of the Orient. Video or photo journals can be created and students will continue the learning through seminars and films in the second session.

Enroll for 12 credits for full session, or eight for first session. Students enrolling for 12 credits will continue to meet on campus during second session to reflect and to learn through seminars, readings, and films and through work on video or photo journals documenting the trip.

Important Date

April 1st: Notify the faculty of your interest. Pay a non-refundable deposit $300 at the College Cashier no later than April 30.

Program costs

The figures below are estimates and are provided to give you an idea of how much it would cost to participate in this study abroad program.

$2, 500 – Includes food, lodging (university dormitory and hotel stays), transportation (domestic airfare, train and bus travel within China), all admissions to major scenic sights, and travel accident insurance during the trip. International airfare, tips to bus or tour guides, and personal expenses not included. Single occupancy requires extra. Faculty can provide suggested travel agency contacts for discounted international airfare.

Tuition cost: 12 credits for full session or 8 credits for Summer 1st session.


If you are receiving or plan to apply for financial aid for the Summer quarter, please contact the Financial Aid office and start the process well in advance.

See Application tab for detailed application procedures for this program. Please contact the faculty to indicate your interest and register early, as we have a limit of 20 for this summer program. Register for the program: CRN (Credit) Level 40025 (12) for Full Session, or 40026 (8) First Session only.

Please visit the Http://Blogs.evergreen.edu/chinese for other related Chinese offerings and for additional study resources.

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