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From Internet: Knowledge and Community

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Michael Recommends

The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto - an eye opening and chilling look at how American education was shaped by an elite few and how the resulting system does more harm than good to children's learning and development. Author's Page

Grace recommends

This Book is Overdue!: How Librarians and Cybrarians can save us all by Marilyn Johnson. I seriously cannot recommend this book enough. It relates to many of the class conversation topics community-wise as well as being an in-depth look at the evolving world of Information technology. A review and excerpt can be found here

Katie recommends

Iris Marion Young encourages us to communicate with the "other" in her chapter "Communication and the Other:Beyond Deliberative Democracy." Elizabeth Lesser explains how we can put Young's challenge into practice on the most fundamental level in this TED Talk.

Safeek's response

This was a very inspirational link I actually watch the whole 11 min. Talk about touching ones heart and moving ones faith. This is a link worth everyones time. this TED Talk.

Charly Recommends

[1] This is a great essay by Temple University professor Barry Vacker. It outlines the three media revolutions: The printing press (textual revolution); telephone, telegraph,television, photography and radio (electronic revolution); and the internet (information revolution). He explains how the internet is the most significant of the media revolutions because it represents a convergence of all previous media forms with the additional elements of interactivity and interconnectedness.

Yochai Benkler

The Wealth of Networks

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