Program Description

[Application for Winter Quarter]

Mind-body medicine is an interdisciplinary field focusing on the applications of sociocultural, psychosocial, somatic and behavioral knowledge relevant to health and wellness. Fall quarter will explore historical foundations of mind-body medicine from diverse cultural perspectives. We will look at how mind-body medicine is being integrated into health care in disease prevention, health promotion, treatment and rehabilitation settings. Applied skills training will focus on energy psychology, qigong, expressive arts therapy, somatic practices, communication skills and mindfulness in psychotherapy. Questions to be explored include “What practices are emerging at the creative edge of health care?” and “How are healthcare providers preparing themselves to work in an integrated healthcare system?”

The program will include a variety of approaches to learning including seminar, theoretical assessments, open space learning formats, guest speakers, dialogue and extended workshops. Students will be supported in developing practices based on the principles of mind-body medicine. Students will work with faculty to develop a Cocreative Learning Plan for winter quarter and write a proposal for either a project study or internship to be implemented in winter quarter.

Winter quarter will allow students to implement their own Cocreative Learning Plans with program modules and individual project or internship studies. Students can take up to 4-16 credits of project or internship studies through the program in winter quarter. Modules in seminar readings and continuing skills training will be offered for 4 credits each within the program for students who choose to integrate this focus in their winter program work. Student project and internship work will be presented in a symposium at the end of the program.


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