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Course Description

Instructor: Zenaida Vergara Adjunct Member of the Faculty and Media Technician for Electronic Media 867-5277

Description: This course will cover the fundamental elements of producing, designing and editing sound for film. Students will learn the basics of digital audio recording, sound editing and multi-track sound design specifically for the moving image. Topics to be covered include microphone techniques, field and studio recording, Foley techniques and using digital audio multi-tracking software. Students will also collaborate in creating and performing music compositions, sync sound effects, and sync sound dialogue recording. We will also be viewing, listening, and studying the historical to present day techniques in sync sound production.

Credit: Maximum 4 credit hours

Hours: Class meets Wednesday 5:30 – 9:30 in Lib 1328. Students should plan on 4 hours of in-class instruction per week and 4 hours of outside class time for reading and studio projects.

Supplies: 16Gb thumb drive or portable hard drive

Website: http://blogs.evergreen.edu/audiorecording

Assignment 1: 3 short studio sequences that include footsteps, dialogue replacement, and design. To be done in groups of 2 that will be screened and critiqued for 3 consecutive weeks.

Assignment 2: Final sound design due week 9.