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Charbonneau, Rachel

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Rachel (Betsy) Charbonneau

Is a sophomore-plus at The Evergreen State College. She is taking Book Torrent in the hopes that strong motivation will fruit into a commendable community wiki.

Born in November 1991 in Texas, and having lived in Arizona, Rachel appreciates the Washington rain (perhaps this is due to her Scotch, Welsh, and Irish ancestry?). She has been called a 30-year-old in a young person's body since she was ten, and likes reading, correcting things, drawing, and the Japanese and English cultures.

While attending Tortolita Middle School and Mountain View High School, on the urging of her parents who are both engineers, she took more than enough mathematics courses, and decided she likes English better. At the college, she has taken science, art, Russian culture, film, and gender studies based programs and courses and enjoys diversifying her knowledge base.

Courses taken at TESC:

  • Introduction to Natural Science (F,W)
  • Looking at Animals (Sp)
  • Discovering the Unknown Russia (Su)
  • Siberia Exposed (Su)
  • Film and Gender (Su)
  • Book Torrent (F,W)

She is collaborating with her teammate, Jean, on Institutional Change in the Field of Librarianship.