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Van Dyke, Trevor

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Self portrait of Trevor

Trevor is a senior at Evergreen. S/he started attending in the fall of 2008, and works as a writing tutor at The Writing Center on campus. Trevor was born in Austin, Texas. This is his/her fourth year at Evergreen (and in Olympia). S/he has the username Vantre27 on here.

Trevor regularly spends time online, writes, reads, and consumes an unhealthy amount of movies and television. He/she has oddly had to write about him/herself in the third-person before, and enjoys the experience overall. S/he is hoping to enjoy toying around with things in this class. Her/his seminar responses can be found here.

There are a few important things you can know that'll hopefully help you (and her/him) in this class —

  • Feel free to ask tech-y sorts of questions, s/he likes to help finagle problems.
  • Trevor has a family background in archives collections and libriarianship. This is worth asking about if you're so inclined.
  • This document has been prepared by Trevor with example uses of his/her pronouns in mind. Ignoring that is a very stupid idea. If you have trouble with her/his pronouns, ASK. LOTS. Don't assume. kthxbai

List of Programs Taken

Fall 2008, Winter 2009

Spring 2009

Fall 2009

  • Logopoesis
  • Cultivating Voice: A Writing Tutor's Craft Part II

Winter and Spring 2010

Fall 2010

Winter and Spring 2011

  • Contracts with David Wolach and student collaborators
    • Queer Figurings: Intimate Encounters Across the Page
    • Negating Identity: Queer Theory and Politics

Summer 2011

Fall 2011