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Haban, Angela

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I didn't realize that this didn't have to be lengthy. Ignore the rambling! Angela Haban was born in Chicago, Illinois on a hot summer day in 1987. For the next several years, she lived in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood on the North Side of the city. Eventually her family took the long journey northwest to Skokie, Illinois where Angela attended kindergarten. From an early age Angela enjoyed making a fool of herself in front of others by performing musical numbers for anyone with the patience and ability to tune out high pitched yelling. Her penchant for theatrics and shouting continues to this day. After departing Skokie and heading slightly farther northwest the Haban family settled in Prospect Heights, Illinois for the duration of Angela's public schooling.

After graduating high school in January of 2005, Angela escaped the suburban duldroms and moved back to Chicago. She worked full time in a video post-production house until its closure due to financial mis-management. She then hopped around from one post house to another working in many different aspects of the field. In 2007 she left the States for the first time and travelled to Ireland, where she promptly fell in love with the people, the history, and the beer. Upon her return she went back to working at a post house until March of 2008.

Angela's passion for anti-war and immigrant rights work was obvious from a young age. She was a rabble rouser as early as high school, and upon her return to Chicago she joined the Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism (CCAWR). There she honed her organizing and public speaking skills, as well as her interest in press work. In March of 2008 she participated in an ill advised political action and promptly decided to take a break from the front lines activist work, instead preferring to craft press releases from the comfort and safety of her home.

In July of 2010, Angela decided to return to academia and enroll in The Evergreen State College where she currently studies. Under the tutelage of Greg Mullins and Jose Gomez she has blossomed as a learner and reinvigorated her curious spirit. Although she primarily studied American Law and Literature, her passion for history and discovery lead her to consider archival studies as a possible future. Currently enrolled in BookTorrent, Angela hopes to learn to embrace, or at least tolerate, forthcoming technology while enriching her knowledge and love of library science.