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Past, Present and Future Implications of Birth Sex and Gender Concerning Librarians

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"Younger women who, in the past, might have become teachers, librarians, social workers, or nurses, now have more options. Librarians must compete for a new generation of recruits on a different ground [than gender]..." (pg.2) The Nextgen Librarian's Survival Guide *TESC* [2006]

"As a social and cultural construct, gender influences the images and expectations concerning masculinity and femininity held within a particular society. Gender is not a social role but the result of multiple representations, on the one hand, and discursive practices, on the other. As de Luretis writes (1987, p. 9), "the construction of gender is the product and the process of both representation and self-representation." This means that gender, as a socially agreed construction, is produced and reproduced through an everyday practice of "doing gender," in which the positionings or representations of the self as masculine or feminine always also include the appropriation of the relevant meaning constructions."Internet and the Construction of Gender: Female Professionals and the Process of Doing Gender by Johanna Dorer.

YA sections in libraries have a new and growing demand for LGBT(alphabet soup) books.

New popular youth media, like comics and manga,bring Trans/Gender/non-heterosexual Sexuality/Polyamory content into the library faster than youth-lit.

Guy-brarians Since Librarianship is commonly feminized in the modern career field, Guy-brarians are sometimes perceived as being "gender deviant" until proven otherwise. The long and tumultuous history of Guy-brarians, gender, feminism and sexuality soon to follow.