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Museum or Mausoleum

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Welcome to the public website for the program Museum or Mausoleum: The Framing of Art, Culture, and Neuroplasticity. Program descriptions can be found on the “About” page and in the link to “Program description” located in the sidebar.  

Schedule Information – Orientation and Week 1

The Fall 2011 program Museum or Mausoleum? has a preview day meeting on Monday, September 19th from 3-5pm in Sem II D3105. It is part of orientation for new students, but all students enrolled or on the wait list are welcome to attend. The first official day of class is Monday, September 26th at 10am in [...]

Introductory Video

Because pictures really help… We made a quick media piece. This is something that was easily put together in a matter of hours. Students in the program will have the opportunity to do similar work, but at a higher quality, polishing and editing over the course of several weeks.