Mission Statement
To care for the Communications Building and her inhabitants in a respectful manner which affirms the creative process, while supporting the academic curriculum of the Performing & Moving Image Areas of the Expressive Arts Planning Unit.

This is achieved by
Establishing Building Policies & Procedures which clearly support the 
academic work of faculty & students.
Displaying pertinent Building Information policy on a regular basis; working with students in regards to builidng policy either in a group setting or one on one; collaborating with the Managing Producer for the Performing & Media Arts and Technical Director in order to provide coherent leadership for area-wide decision making.

Creating an Environment which values Hospitality, Professionalism and Collaboration
Working with Information Office Staff during training and supervision regarding the emodibent of these values; respecting individual concerns while addressing building policies; responding to individuals in a manner which values their humanity.

Sustaining a Personal Work Ethic which embraces Respectful Dialogue, Appropriate Responsiveness and Loving Kindness
Being mindful of the authority I am vested with in all my interactions, conversations and group meetings; seeking advice in areas that I am weak in or have concerns about my delivery of information; balancing the care of the building with care for myself.