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Streets of San Cristobal Driving to Coapilla Searching for cloud forest
patches near Coapilla
Remnant cloud forest
patch near Coapilla
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Habitat mosaic near
Michael with Liquidambar
Yariely Balam in
front of her house
in Coapilla
Chuy, Yariely, Michael,
Manuel in Coapilla
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Tila, on road to
Salto de Agua
Looking over valley
of Río Tulijá
Giant aroid at water source
for El Limar
Paso Naranjo tourist
facility, near
Salto de Agua
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Paso Naranjo habitat,
strip of secondgrowth
forest surrounded
by milpas
Paso Naranjo
tourist facility
Río Tulijá
at Paso Naranjo
Typical interface of
small forest patch
and milpas