Project LLAMA 2009 Guatemala

Project LLAMA had a great second field season in Guatemala. Below is a set of photos highlighting the trip and activities. Images contributed by all the LLAMA participants this year.

Some group photos:

High resolution group photo for download (click here); key to group photo (click here).

Winkler-hanging Venues:

Field Activities:

Community Outreach:

The Workshop:

Not all work: Jennie Russ and Jack Schuster jammin' at Pappazita's

Graduation Ceremonies:

Manuel Barrios

Cristi‡n Beza

Stephen Bylsma

Samanta Orellana

Diego Pons

Jennie Russ

Theo Sumnicht

Crystal Vincent

Laura S‡enz

Michael Branstetter

Ana Cristina Bailey

JosŽ Monz—n

Thanks to All for a Great Field Season, and Happy Trails:

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Last modified: 20 July 2009