Project LLAMA 2010 Honduras

Project LLAMA had a great third field season in Honduras. Below is a set of photos highlighting the trip and activities. Images contributed by all the LLAMA participants this year.

Some group photos:

High resolution group photo for download (click here); key to group photo (click here).

The beginning

La Muralla

La Picucha





Las Marias


Winkler-hanging Venues:

Community Outreach:

Television interview at Comayagua

Luis' school in Siguatepeque

Laura gives talk to staff of Lancetilla

Modes of Transportation:

All aboard!

The race along the beach

Shefik mobile

Baggage claim

River cruise

The Workshop:

Jean Michel Maes joins us

A bad sample for Bob

Graduation Ceremonies:


Extreme beating

Extreme Pheidole excavating

How big is YOUR litter pile?

Creative Winkler hanging

Housing at La Muralla

Oliver Schlein and Rony Moreno

Calixto Ordo–es, El Rey de La Picucha!

La Picucha cloud forest

La Picucha peak!

"Holy #@!!%, Formica!"

Home-made footwear

Michael and Jorge Salaverri, go-to guy for La Moskitia

The future Luis?

Laura and her plastic burka

Housing at Las Marias

Jack sweating it out

Thanks to All for a Great Field Season, and VIVA LLAMA!

Page author: John T. Longino
Last modified: 29 July 2010