Project LLAMA 2011 Nicaragua

Project LLAMA had a great fourth field season, this year in Nicaragua. Below is a set of photos highlighting the trip and activities. Images contributed by all the LLAMA participants this year.

Some group photos:

High resolution group photo for download (click here); key to group photo (click here).

The beginning


Saslaya low camp

Saslaya high camp (Hi-res version)

Datanlí El Diablo


Cerro Jesus

Kahka Creek

Winkler-hanging Venues:

Community Outreach:

Classroom at Cerro Jesus

Budding naturalists

Lectures at Zamorano

Modes of Transportation:

Plenty of gear!





Perilous bridges


Entomologist's paradise

Guardian of the latrine

Musún mantid



Aquiles' Psychidae immitation

Januar and friend

Liz not to be outdone

Motorized horse

A visit from the "Patrullaje Ecológica"

Fierce sifters

Matt praying for Chrysina

Jane models saturniid

Blas plants a tree

Dramatic Malaise raising

The aftermath?

Michael gets a "forma"

Gracious hosts at Musún

Paul Kirk helps out at Cerro Jesus

Eric, the indomitable naturalist

dissecting scope sweatshop

Graduation Ceremonies:

Thanks to All for a Great Field Season, and VIVA LLAMA!

Page author: John T. Longino
Last modified: 27 June 2011