Ants of Chiapas, Mexico

Report by John T. (Jack) Longino, The Evergreen State College.

This is a partial list of the ants of Chiapas, Mexico. It is not an exhaustive list based on literature and museum holdings. It is based on specimen records currently in the AntWeb database. Much of the material listed comes from litter samples that Bob Anderson took in the early 1990's. These were processed by myself and students from The Evergreen State College, particularly David Hartley in the mid 1990's and recently the students working on Project LLAMA: Duke Brady, Brittany Broyles, D. J. Cox, and Jesse McAlpine. It also includes material that Michael Branstetter processed from his 2007 collections.

This is a static webpage with links to the AntWeb species pages, where you can see distribution maps on Google Earth. If links are dead, that means the database has changed as hypotheses of species boundaries evolve and names change.

The LLAMA project has not emphasized arboreal ants. Stacy Philpott and colleagues have been working on ants of Chiapas coffee plantations. Stacy has a website (click here) with images of ants from their study sites in Chiapas, and arboreal ants are much more represented.

31 July 2009 version: incorporates identifications of Project LLAMA Pseudomyrmex by P. S. Ward. Ward also provided records of Pseudomyrmex species known from Chiapas that were not sampled by LLAMA; these are annotated as "PSW Record."
A crude look at richness with elevation, just using total species observed for each of the nine sites (excluding Stenamma), shows a richness plateau from sea level to about 1000m, followed by a steep drop. The inclusion of Stenamma will boost the high elevation sites by 5-10 species.

Results from Baiting Samples
10 July 2011 version: Michael Branstetter's Stenamma species included, but above richness with elevation data not updated.
Overall there are 429 species so far.
Individual site reports:

Sierra Morena
Salto de Agua
Play—n de la Gloria


Tatuidris JTL002
Tatuidris tatusia


Amblyopone orizabana
Prionopelta amabilis
Prionopelta modesta


Cerapachys JTL002
Cerapachys JTL005
Cerapachys JTL008
Cerapachys JTL009
Cerapachys JTL010
Cerapachys JTL011
Cylindromyrmex brevitarsus


Azteca alfari
Azteca beltii
Azteca coeruleipennis
Azteca forelii
Azteca instabilis
Azteca lucida
Azteca nigra
Azteca pittieri
Azteca xanthochroa
Dolichoderus bispinosus
Dolichoderus diversus
Dolichoderus lutosus
Forelius damiani
Linepithema dispertitum
Linepithema humile
Tapinoma JTL002
Tapinoma melanocephalum


Cheliomyrmex morosus
Eciton mexicanum
Eciton parvispinum
Eciton vagans
Labidus coecus
Labidus JTL001
Labidus praedator
Neivamyrmex adnepos
Neivamyrmex asper
Neivamyrmex compressinodis
Neivamyrmex fumosus
Neivamyrmex impudens
Neivamyrmex JTL006
Neivamyrmex JTL007
Neivamyrmex JTL008
Neivamyrmex opacithorax
Neivamyrmex punctaticeps
Neivamyrmex rugulosus
Neivamyrmex spoliator
Neivamyrmex sumichrasti
Neivamyrmex swainsonii


Ectatomma tuberculatum
Gnamptogenys curtula
Gnamptogenys hartmani
Gnamptogenys interrupta
Gnamptogenys minuta
Gnamptogenys porcata
Gnamptogenys simulans
Gnamptogenys strigata
Gnamptogenys sulcata
Gnamptogenys tornata
Typhlomyrmex pusillus
Typhlomyrmex rogenhoferi


Acropyga exsanguis
Acropyga fuhrmanni
Acropyga panamensis
Acropyga smithii
Brachymyrmex cavernicola
Brachymyrmex coactus
Brachymyrmex JTL003
Brachymyrmex JTL007
Brachymyrmex JTL010
Brachymyrmex JTL012
Brachymyrmex JTL013
Brachymyrmex minutus
Brachymyrmex nebulosus
Camponotus albicoxis
Camponotus atriceps
Camponotus claviscapus
Camponotus cuneidorsus
Camponotus integellus
Camponotus JTL035
Camponotus JTL062
Camponotus JTL063
Camponotus JTL064
Camponotus JTL065
Camponotus linnaei
Camponotus mucronatus
Camponotus nitidior
camponotus novogranadensis
Camponotus planatus
Camponotus raphaelis
Camponotus sanctaefidei
Camponotus sericeiventris
Camponotus striatus
Camponotus zonatus
Formica retecta
Myrmelachista skwarrae
Myrmelachista zeledoni
Nylanderia austroccidua
Nylanderia JTL006
Nylanderia JTL013
Nylanderia JTL016
Nylanderia JTL017
Nylanderia JTL018
Nylanderia JTL019
Paratrechina longicornis


Acanthoponera minor


Leptanilloides JTL002


Acanthognathus ocellatus
Acromyrmex coronatus
Acromyrmex echinatior
Acromyrmex octospinosus
Adelomyrmex brevispinosus
Adelomyrmex JTL008
Adelomyrmex JTL009
Adelomyrmex JTL011
Adelomyrmex JTL014
Adelomyrmex JTL016
Adelomyrmex JTL017
Adelomyrmex longinoi
Adelomyrmex mackayi
Adelomyrmex micans
Adelomyrmex robustus
Adelomyrmex silvestrii
Adelomyrmex tristani
Aphaenogaster JTL001
Apterostigma goniodes
Apterostigma JTL018
Apterostigma pilosum
Atta cephalotes
Atta mexicana
Cardiocondyla minutior
Cardiocondyla obscurior
Cardiocondyla venustula
Carebara brevipilosa
Carebara intermedia
Carebara urichi
Cephalotes basalis
Cephalotes cristatus
Cephalotes maculatus
Cephalotes minutus
Cephalotes porrasi
Cephalotes scutulatus
Cephalotes umbraculatus
Crematogaster brasiliensis
Crematogaster crinosa
Crematogaster curvispinosa
Crematogaster formosa
Crematogaster montezumia
Crematogaster nigropilosa
Crematogaster opaca
Crematogaster rochai
Crematogaster sumichrasti
Crematogaster torosa
Cyphomyrmex costatus
Cyphomyrmex major
Cyphomyrmex rimosus s.l.
Cyphomyrmex salvini
Eurhopalothrix gravis
Eurhopalothrix JTL013
Hylomyrma dentiloba
Lachnomyrmex scrobiculatus
Megalomyrmex drifti
Megalomyrmex incisus
Megalomyrmex silvestrii
Monomorium ebeninum
Monomorium floricola
Monomorium JTL001
Monomorium pharaonis
Mycetosoritis hartmanni
Mycocepurus smithii
Nesomyrmex dalmasi
Nesomyrmex echinatinodis
Nesomyrmex JTL010
Nesomyrmex pittieri
Nesomyrmex pleuriticus
Octostruma balzani s.l.
Octostruma iheringi
Octostruma JTL005
Octostruma JTL006
Octostruma JTL010
Octostruma JTL012
Octostruma wheeleri
Perissomyrmex snyderi
Pheidole acamata
Pheidole albipes
Pheidole amabilis
Pheidole anastasii
Pheidole arietans
Pheidole beloceps
Pheidole biconstricta
Pheidole bilimeki
Pheidole browni
Pheidole celaena
Pheidole centeotl
Pheidole cephalica
Pheidole chiapasana
Pheidole christopherseni
Pheidole citrina
Pheidole colobopsis
Pheidole cramptoni
Pheidole deceptrix
Pheidole dossena
Pheidole erethizon
Pheidole excubitor
Pheidole fimbriata
Pheidole flavens
Pheidole gauthieri
Pheidole glomericeps
Pheidole gouldi
Pheidole guerrerana
Pheidole harrisonfordi
Pheidole hasticeps
Pheidole inermis
Pheidole JTL110
Pheidole JTL155
Pheidole JTL159
Pheidole JTL160
Pheidole JTL163
Pheidole JTL167
Pheidole JTL168
Pheidole JTL170
Pheidole JTL171
Pheidole JTL172
Pheidole JTL173
Pheidole JTL175
Pheidole mackayi
Pheidole mera
Pheidole mooreorum
Pheidole nebulosa
Pheidole nitella
Pheidole nitidicollis
Pheidole oaxacana
Pheidole perpusilla
Pheidole potosiana
Pheidole prattorum
Pheidole prolixa
Pheidole protensa
Pheidole psilogaster
Pheidole pubiventris
Pheidole punctatissima
Pheidole rectisentis
Pheidole rectispina
Pheidole rectitrudis
Pheidole roushae
Pheidole rugiceps
Pheidole ruida
Pheidole sagana
Pheidole simonsi
Pheidole specularis
Pheidole striaticeps
Pheidole subarmata
Pheidole susannae
Pheidole texticeps
Pheidole tschinkeli
Pheidole tuxtlasana
Pheidole ursus
Pheidole walkeri
Pheidole wardi
Pheidole xyston
Procryptocerus batesi
Procryptocerus belti
Procryptocerus mayri
Procryptocerus scabriusculus
Pyramica alberti
Pyramica brevicornis
Pyramica eggersi
Pyramica excisa
Pyramica gundlachi
Pyramica JTL013
Pyramica margaritae
Pyramica microthrix
Pyramica myllorhapha
Pyramica nigrescens
Pyramica probatrix
Pyramica rogata
Pyramica subedentata
Pyramica turpis
Rhopalothrix JTL002
Rhopalothrix JTL003
Rhopalothrix stannardi
Rogeria belti
Rogeria cornuta
Rogeria creightoni
Rogeria cuneola
Rogeria inermis
Rogeria innotabilis
Rogeria JTL006
Rogeria JTL007
Rogeria leptonana
Rogeria tonduzi
Sericomyrmex aztecus
Solenopsis geminata
Solenopsis JTL007
Solenopsis JTL009
Solenopsis JTL015
Solenopsis picea
Solenopsis subterranea
Solenopsis terricola
Stenamma diversum
Stenamma felixi
Stenamma JTL037
Stenamma manni
Stenamma mgb01
Stenamma mgb02
Stenamma mgb03
Stenamma mgb05
Stenamma mgb10
Stenamma mgb11
Stenamma mgb12
Stenamma mgb15
Stenamma mgb16
Stenamma mgb18
Stenamma mgb19
Stenamma mgb20
Stenamma mgb21
Strumigenys biolleyi
Strumigenys boneti
Strumigenys borgmeieri
Strumigenys cordovensis
Strumigenys elongata
Strumigenys emeryi
Strumigenys eversa
Strumigenys JTL013
Strumigenys lanuginosa
Strumigenys louisianae
Strumigenys ludia
Strumigenys smithii
Strumigenys spathula
Temnothorax JTL008
Temnothorax JTL011
Temnothorax JTL012
Temnothorax JTL013
Temnothorax JTL014
Temnothorax JTL015
Temnothorax subditivus
Tetramorium caldarium
Tetramorium lanuginosum
Tetramorium spinosum
Trachymyrmex intermedius
Trachymyrmex JTL003
Trachymyrmex opulentus
Tranopelta gilva
Wasmannia auropunctata
Wasmannia rochai
Xenomyrmex stollii


Anochetus mayri
Belonopelta deletrix
Cryptopone gilva
Hypoponera JTL007
Hypoponera JTL019
Hypoponera JTL020
Hypoponera nitidula
Hypoponera parva
Leptogenys JTL009
Leptogenys JTL010
Leptogenys JTL012
Leptogenys JTL013
Leptogenys JTL014
Leptogenys JTL015
Odontomachus laticeps
Odontomachus meinerti
Odontomachus opaciventris
Odontomachus yucatecas
Pachycondyla apicalis
Pachycondyla carinulata
Pachycondyla crenata
Pachycondyla ferruginea_cf
Pachycondyla harpax
Pachycondyla impressa
Pachycondyla JTL014
Pachycondyla JTL015
Pachycondyla JTL016
Pachycondyla JTL017
Pachycondyla purpurascens
Pachycondyla stigma
Pachycondyla unidentata
Pachycondyla verenae
Pachycondyla villosa
Platythyrea prizo
Platythyrea punctata
Ponera JTL002
Thaumatomyrmex ferox


Discothyrea denticulata
Discothyrea horni
Discothyrea horni cf.
Discothyrea humilis
Discothyrea JTL007
Discothyrea JTL011
Probolomyrmex petiolatus
Proceratium mancum
Proceratium mexicanum
Proceratium tio


Pseudomyrmex boopis
Pseudomyrmex brunneus [PSW record]
Pseudomyrmex caeciliae [PSW record]
Pseudomyrmex championi [PSW also has two morphospecies near championi]
Pseudomyrmex cubaensis
Pseudomyrmex distinctus
Pseudomyrmex ejectus
Pseudomyrmex elongatulus
Pseudomyrmex elongatus
Pseudomyrmex euryblemma
Pseudomyrmex ferrugineus
Pseudomyrmex fervidus
Pseudomyrmex filiformis
Pseudomyrmex fortis
Pseudomyrmex gracilis
Pseudomyrmex ita
Pseudomyrmex mixtecus [PSW record]
Pseudomyrmex oculatus
Pseudomyrmex opaciceps [PSW record]
Pseudomyrmex pallidus
Pseudomyrmex peperi
Pseudomyrmex PSW02
Pseudomyrmex PSW06
Pseudomyrmex PSW13
Pseudomyrmex PSW41
Pseudomyrmex PSW44 [PSW record]
Pseudomyrmex PSW53
Pseudomyrmex rufomedius
Pseudomyrmex salvini
Pseudomyrmex seminole
Pseudomyrmex simplex
Pseudomyrmex spiculus [PSW record]
Pseudomyrmex subater
Pseudomyrmex viduus

Page author:

John T. Longino, The Evergreen State College, Olympia WA 98505

Date of this version: 10 July 2011.

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