Ants of Volc‡n Atitl‡n, Guatemala

Report by John T. (Jack) Longino, The Evergreen State College.

This is a working list of the ants of Volc‡n Atitl‡n, Guatemala, based on Project LLAMA sampling. Specimen records have been uploaded to the AntWeb database and are periodically updated.

This is a static webpage with links to the AntWeb species pages, where you can see distribution maps on Google Earth. If links are dead, that means the database has changed as hypotheses of species boundaries evolve and names change.

Adelomyrmex JTL011
Adelomyrmex micans
Adelomyrmex silvestrii
Adelomyrmex tristani
Amblyopone orizabana
Atta mexicana
Belonopelta deletrix
Brachymyrmex (only more distinctive species sorted)
Brachymyrmex coactus
Camponotus (only more distinctive species sorted)
Camponotus abscisus
Camponotus atriceps
Cerapachys JTL007
Cerapachys JTL011
Crematogaster nigropilosa
Crematogaster sumichrasti
Cryptopone gilva
Discothyrea denticulata
Discothyrea JTL007
Discothyrea JTL013
Eurhopalothrix bolaui
Eurhopalothrix gravis
Gnamptogenys porcata
Gnamptogenys simulans
Hypoponera (only more distinctive species sorted)
Hypoponera nitidula
Labidus coecus
Labidus praedator
Leptanilloides JTL002
Myrmelachista JTL023
Myrmelachista plebecula
Myrmelachista zeledoni
Neivamyrmex JTL008
Nomamyrmex wilsoni
Nylanderia (not sorted to species)
Nylanderia JTL020
Odontomachus laticeps
Odontomachus meinerti
Odontomachus opaciventris
Pachycondyla harpax
Pachycondyla JTL014
Pachycondyla JTL022
Pheidole deceptrix
Pheidole flavens
Pheidole harrisonfordi
Pheidole JTL078
Pheidole JTL195
Pheidole JTL196
Pheidole JTL197
Pheidole JTL199
Pheidole mera
Pheidole mooreorum
Pheidole oaxacana
Pheidole prattorum
Pheidole protensa
Pheidole rectisentis
Pheidole rectispina
Pheidole ursus
Ponera JTL002
Proceratium mancum
Procryptocerus scabriusculus
Pyramica brevicornis
Pyramica JTL016
Pyramica JTL018
Pyramica rogata
Rhopalothrix JTL002
Rogeria belti
Rogeria innotabilis
Solenopsis (non-fire ants not sorted to species)
Solenopsis geminata
Stenamma felixi
Stenamma manni
Stenamma mgb02
Stenamma mgb09
Stenamma mgb10
Stenamma mgb12
Stenamma mgb20
Strumigenys biolleyi
Tapinoma (not sorted to species)
Temnothorax JTL008
Temnothorax JTL014

Page author:

John T. Longino, The Evergreen State College, Olympia WA 98505

Date of this version: 10 July 2011.

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