Ants of Parque Nacional Cerro Azul Meambar, Honduras

Report by John T. Longino, The Evergreen State College.

This is a working list of the ants of the mesic forests of Parque Nacional Cerro Azul Meambar, Honduras, based on Project LLAMA sampling. Specimen records have been uploaded to the AntWeb database and are periodically updated.

This is a static webpage with links to the AntWeb species pages, where you can see distribution maps on Google Earth. If links are dead, that means the database has changed as hypotheses of species boundaries evolve and names change.

Pseudomyrmex have not been entered yet; Phil Ward is working on these.

There is a minimum of 190 species so far recorded.

Acanthognathus ocellatus
Acanthognathus teledectus
Acanthoponera minor
Acromyrmex coronatus
Acromyrmex echinatior
Acropyga fuhrmanni
Adelomyrmex JTL008
Adelomyrmex longinoi
Adelomyrmex silvestrii
Adelomyrmex tristani
Anochetus mayri
Apterostigma goniodes
Apterostigma pilosum
Atta cephalotes
Atta mexicana
Belonopelta deletrix
Brachymyrmex cavernicola
Brachymyrmex JTL014
Camponotus abscisus
Camponotus albicoxis
Camponotus atriceps
Camponotus excisus
Camponotus integellus
Camponotus novogranadensis
Camponotus planatus
Camponotus raphaelis
Camponotus senex
Camponotus sericeiventris
Camponotus striatus
Camponotus textor
Cardiocondyla minutior
Carebara urichi
Cephalotes basalis
Cephalotes cristatus
Cephalotes maculatus
Cerapachys JTL005
Cerapachys JTL011
Crematogaster carinata
Crematogaster crinosa
Crematogaster curvispinosa
Crematogaster montezumia
Crematogaster nigropilosa
Crematogaster opaca
Crematogaster snellingi
Crematogaster sumichrasti
Crematogaster torosa
Cyphomyrmex rimosus s.l.
Cyphomyrmex salvini
Dolichoderus lutosus
Eurhopalothrix gravis
Eurhopalothrix JTL006
Gnamptogenys minuta
Gnamptogenys porcata
Gnamptogenys strigata
Gnamptogenys sulcata
Hylomyrma dentiloba
Hypoponera nitidula
Hypoponera parva
Lachnomyrmex scrobiculatus
Leptanilloides JTL002
Leptanilloides JTL003
Leptogenys JTL017
Leptogenys JTL021
Leptogenys JTL022
Megalomyrmex drifti
Megalomyrmex incisus
Megalomyrmex silvestrii
Myrmelachista zeledoni
Neivamyrmex sumichrasti
Nesomyrmex echinatinodis
Nesomyrmex JTL011
Nesomyrmex pittieri
Nesomyrmex pleuriticus
Octostruma balzani s.l.
Octostruma iheringi
Octostruma JTL005
Octostruma wheeleri
Odontomachus laticeps
Odontomachus meinerti
Odontomachus yucatecas
Pachycondyla apicalis
Pachycondyla bugabensis
Pachycondyla carinulata
Pachycondyla crenata
Pachycondyla harpax
Pachycondyla impressa
Pachycondyla JTL016
Pachycondyla JTL017
Pachycondyla JTL022
Pachycondyla lineaticeps
Pachycondyla pergandei
Pachycondyla unidentata
Pachycondyla verenae
Pachycondyla villosa
Pheidole acamata
Pheidole anastasii
Pheidole beloceps
Pheidole biconstricta
Pheidole bilimeki
Pheidole branstetteri
Pheidole browni
Pheidole christopherseni
Pheidole citrina
Pheidole colobopsis
Pheidole dossena
Pheidole fimbriata
Pheidole flavens
Pheidole guerrerana
Pheidole gulo
Pheidole harrisonfordi
Pheidole indagatrix
Pheidole inermis
Pheidole janzeni
Pheidole JTL158
Pheidole JTL191
Pheidole JTL208
Pheidole mooreorum
Pheidole nitidicollis
Pheidole protensa
Pheidole punctatissima
Pheidole rectispina
Pheidole rhinomontana
Pheidole rugiceps
Pheidole simonsi
Pheidole specularis
Pheidole synanthropica
Pheidole tschinkeli
Pheidole ursus
Pheidole vorax
Pheidole walkeri
Pheidole wardi
Platythyrea punctata
Prionopelta amabilis
Prionopelta modesta
Proceratium mancum
Proceratium micrommatum
Procryptocerus batesi
Procryptocerus scabriusculus
Pyramica alberti
Pyramica azteca
Pyramica brevicornis
Pyramica cassicuspis
Pyramica crementa
Pyramica eggersi
Pyramica excisa
Pyramica fridericimuelleri
Pyramica gundlachi
Pyramica margaritae
Pyramica microthrix
Pyramica myllorhapha
Pyramica probatrix
Pyramica schulzi
Pyramica subedentata
Rogeria belti
Rogeria cuneola
Rogeria inermis
Rogeria innotabilis
Rogeria tonduzi
Solenopsis geminata
Solenopsis picea
Stenamma diversum
Stenamma mgb20
Stenamma mgb60
Stenamma mgb62
Strumigenys biolleyi
Strumigenys cordovensis
Strumigenys cosmostela
Strumigenys elongata
Strumigenys louisianae
Strumigenys ludia
Strumigenys marginiventris
Strumigenys nevermanni
Strumigenys smithii
Tapinoma JTL003
Tatuidris tatusia
Temnothorax JTL015
Temnothorax JTL018
Thaumatomyrmex ferox
Trachymyrmex JTL003
Trachymyrmex opulentus
Typhlomyrmex pusillus
Wasmannia auropunctata

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John T. Longino, The Evergreen State College, Olympia WA 98505

Date of this version: 8 July 2011.

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