Mistletoe and Hemlocks

Dwarf mistletoe infections in crowns of western hemlock and true firs
To document the distribution of dwarf mistletoe infections in dominant tree species of an old-growth forest in the Pacific Northwest in order to understand the processes by which infection is transmitted in forest stands.

Locations: Wind River Canopy Crane Research Facility

Start Date: June 1, 1999

Funding Information: University of Washington, Seattle and USFS PNW Research Station, Corvallis OR.


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Shaw, D. C., J. Chen, E. A. Freeman, and D. M. Braun. 2005. Spatial and population characteristics of dwarf mistletoe infected trees in an old-growth Douglas-fir – western hemlock forest. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 35:990–1001. (PDF version is located in the other files section below)

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