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S.O.S. 2003/2004

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Even the best efforts of computer users and software engineers have not alleviated critical software development problems: most software is late and over-budget, does not meet user needs or expectations, or is socially irresponsible. Student Originated Software addresses these issues and prepares students who already have learned the fundamentals of computer science (i.e., Evergreen's Data to Information or equivalent) to face these problems.

Learning objectives for the program include:

The program has a long (every other year since 1983, when it was first known as Business of Computers) and a successful track record in terms of student success in learning and later accomplishments as software developers.

See the program syllabus for more information about program content, credit distribution (including upper division credit), book list, etc.

The program website for 2003-2004 is still under construction, but preliminary and partial information is available.

For more details, see Past Years

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